The Storinator Storage Workstation for the Video Editor Fast Importing        Smooth Editing        Rapid Rendering
A desktop and a storage server in one!

So why do you need a Storinator Storage Workstation? Here's why.

Editing Speed
  • The problem: Not having enough computer resources and power to edit your projects. Most people are now editing in 4K so your machine needs to be powerful enough to handle these workloads. Even if your workstation is powerful enough, loading and saving projects to a single drive or over a network can be painfully slow. By combining storage and workstation you get access to media storage at phenomenally fast speeds.

  • The solution: You guessed it, The Workstation! • Network transfer speeds: This machine will allow you and your team to edit from the network at speeds greater than an internal SSD. Using 10gbe networking you can expect up to 1.1GB/s! • Internal VM Speeds: The workstation part of the Storinator Storage Workstation is a VM that lives on your SSD tier. This means you get a workstation that "feels" faster than any standalone workstation could ever be. Click the image below for Read/Write speed test results

Media Organization
  • The problem: With so many audio and video files, it can be hard to keep your projects organized. When data storage is limited, HD's often end up in crates and boxes, forcing you to search to find certain footage. Don't worry, we hear your struggle and we are here to help!

  • The solution: Throw away those crates and put your HD's in our Storage Workstation! Our machine will store all your HD's and can offer you a centralized library that is big enough for all your working files. Having this centralized media library will save your time and sanity
    - sounds great right?

Data Storage
  • The problem: You're editing raw video files, you need lots of storage. This is a no-brainer!

  • The solution: 126TB of hot and cold storage! What do we mean by that? We're talking hybrid baby With 8 SSD's and 11 HDD's this machine will change the way you import, edit and render your raw footage. Added bonus, with this large amount of storage you can archive years of footage - not having to delete raw files you may need later. Side note: If at any time you need extra storage simply scale up by adding a Storinator Storage Server.

  • The problem: One massive project with multiple users working independently on different HD's.This happens when there's no centralized spot where your team can edit directly.

  • The solution: Now there is! Like our Storinator Storage Servers, the workstation gives your whole team access to A-roll, B-roll, graphics, audio and footage of the same project No need to break up the work on different hard drives, with unRAID's unreal VM support - you can edit with ease.

Now let's get a little technical:

unRAID's NAS capabilities give you the following benefits:

So I guess what we're saying is there's no need to go out and buy two computers or a computer and a server - we got you covered with this one machine!

The Storinator Workstation - With this solution, there are endless possibilities.

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Introducing the Storinator Storage Workstation

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