Efficient and Cost-Effective

The Destroyinator is the ideal machine to quickly and accurately wipe data from your solid state, SAS and hard drives. Affordable, super-efficient and preloaded with the exact software you need to get the job done right.

Wipe 30 to 60 drives at once

The Destroyinator's capacity ranges from 30 drives to 45 drives and 60 drives. No more clearing only a handful of hard drives (or solid state) drives at a time as with competitor hardware.


Complete data-wiping tasks quickly and easily with KillDisk, a world-leading hard-drive sanitizing tool and partition eraser utility. After each erase/wipe completion, create a custom certificate that can be saved as a PDF. Its verification process allows you to confirm that the sectors have wiped all data for peace of mind. This feature can be adjusted based on your security requirements.


KillDisk is preconfigured on your Destroyinator, ready to go right out of the box!

Key Features of the Destroyinator running KillDisk Industrial

  • Starting from $5,684.00
  • Sanitizes at an R2 standard
  • Wipe 30, 45 or 60 drives at once
  • Preloaded with KillDisk Industrial
  • Destroy data permanently
  • Additional disk analysis tools
  • Disk examination
  • Issue certificates & reports
  • Clone disk or image
  • Free KillDisk software support and
    updates for one year

Hard Drive Wipe Time Approximations

The Destroyinator runs on Linux Mint which is pre-loaded with KillDisk Industrial, a hard-drive wiping software package.

The drive wipe time depends on the physical size of the HDD - not the number of them - as they are all wiped in parallel.

Wiping a single 1TB drive will take the same amout of time as 45 1TB drives!

Did you know?
The Destroyinator comes with a lowered internal grid,
accommodating both 3.5" & 2.5" mechanical drives as well as SAS & solid-state drives.

Destroyinator Models

  • Designed for production floor and quiet enough for your office.

    Erase up to 30 Drives

  • Designed for the industrial production floor.

    Erase up to 45 Drives

  • Designed for the industrial production floor.

    Erase up to 60 Drives


Questions About Data Destruction?

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