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Storage Solutions for
Federal Government

Storage Solutions for Federal Government Agencies

Government IT Departments have to deal with continuous growth of data. It tends to be stored on an ever-growing collection of platforms that vary in age and type. This is the classic ‘server zoo’. At 45 Drives, we create big, strong, fast storage solutions that are reliable, large, and exceptionally well supported. They are used individually, or in clusters, to accommodate data growth and simplify their infrastructure.

Join the many government agencies that are transforming the way they do storage infrastructure and curing their server zoo, while doing it on their terms through New Enterprise.

Single Server

single server

We make big, strong, fast single servers from 4 drive bays to 77, with capacities in excess of 1 Petabyte. Available in mechanical, hybrid, or all-SSD, with options for SATA, SAS, and NVMe, to best match your workload.

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Ceph Storage Clustering

clustered server

Clustering transforms your storage by combining multiple servers together into a single software defined storage system. This ensures your data is accessible should a server go down. Clusters are centrally managed, scale infinitely. They excel at high speed and high-capacity workloads, as well as general file serving.

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The Industry's Best Support

45Drives is your single point of accountability for open source, open platform storage solutions. Our scope includes hardware, software, networking, and application interface. We offer a variety of support packages that range from basic hardware troubleshooting, to hands off white-glove service with 24/7 emergency assistance. From your project’s conception, to installation and ongoing support, we are here for you.

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New Enterprise for the Federal Government

Federal government agencies must address growing enterprise-level storage demands within ever present budget constraints. Legacy enterprise vendors work with highly proprietary business models aimed at eliminating competition. This imposes restrictions on you, and increases costs.

At 45 Drives, we pioneered the ‘New Enterprise’ model, which combines open source and open platform software and hardware, with the industry’s best and most capable service. The result is exceptional enterprise solutions that are free from unnecessary restrictions and vendor lock-in, while still offering performance and mission critical reliability with full enterprise reliability, capability and service. On top of that, it is refreshingly reasonable in cost.