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Warranty Information
Hardware support

45 Drives storage solutions are assembled with high-quality components, with the option to be customized and upgraded. Our 45 Drives engineers are always looking for industry standard hardware suppliers to optimize our servers' compatibility, performance and stability.

We warrant that our systems (excluding custom systems) will be free from faulty parts and workmanship for a one year period from the day the unit is shipped. Hardware support is provided at no charge to the Customer. At the end of the warranty period, hardware problem diagnosis remains free, but charges will apply for replacement components.

Storinator Server
Hard Drives
  •   1 Year FREE from the date you received your machine is included with every purchase
  • * Available 3 Year extended warranty
  • * Available 5 Year extended warranty
  • Hard Disk Drives are covered by the manufacturer.

  •   Seagate Exos Drives - 5 year replacement warranty
  •   Seagate Skyhawk AI Drives (8TB and up) - 5 year replacement warranty
  •   Seagate Skyhawk Drives (up to 6TB) – 3 year replacement warranty
  •   Toshiba Enterprise Drives 5 year replacement warranty
Note: If you have purchased hard drives from us, we will take care of the RMA process. Notify us of a bad disk and we will have one sent to you right away. We will also assist you in returning your defective drive to your supplier.