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    A turn-key virtualization solution for ESXi replacement

    Hardware and preinstalled software

    Seamless Migration from VMware, training, and support

Virtualization, Storage, and Support all in One System

Following Broadcom's (VMware) decision to significantly reduce its offerings, raise prices, and declare a market strategy centered solely on catering to the needs of its top 600 companies, many users who depended on them for virtualization find themselves in a state of crisis. As they look for a replacement, many are not keen on again becoming dependent on proprietary solutions, just so they can have the rug removed from under them again. Open-source solutions address this risk, and can offer better performance, but often becomes a ‘project’, which is inappropriate and unnecessary for a mature technology in an enterprise environment. Thus, many organizations feel stranded.

At 45Drives, we don't think that's right. That's why we're introducing the Proxinator™, a turn-key solution that integrates virtualization with direct access to high-speed storage. This powerful hardware comes pre-installed with Linux, Proxmox, and end-to-end service covering configuration, migration, and ongoing support. This is a ready-to-go solution in a box, with a single point of accountability to keep it all working.

By making the Proxinator™ your choice for ESXi replacement, you get simplicity, performance, and the best experience in configuration, migration, training, and service. You also get to say goodbye to the risk of having sudden changes imposed on you by your vendor. With us, you're in control.

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Single box server with high compute & storage

Up to 64 core CPU and 2TB of RAM

Pre-loaded with Linux and Proxmox Virtualization Environment

Can be used with HDDs and SSDs

Ultra-high performance of up to 4000 High VMs

    Proxinator with NVMe-ready storage for optimum perfomance

    Our first in the industry tri-mode backplane that's hot-swappable between NVMe, SATA, and SAS drives

    Good (VM8)

    8 Bay Tri-Mode Server

    AMD 7413 - 24 core, 48 Threads @2.65GHz

    128GB RAM

    Better (VM16)

    16 Bay Tri-Mode Server

    AMD 7543 - 32 core, 48 Threads @2.8GHz

    256GB RAM

    Best (VM32)

    32 Bay Tri-Mode Server

    AMD 7713P - 64 core, 128 Threads @2.0GHz

    512GB RAM

    Proxinator with SATA (HDD/SSD) storage for everyday applications

    Good (Mi4)

    4 Bay (SATA HDD/SSD) Server

    AMD 7413 - 24 core, 48 Threads @2.65GHz

    128GB RAM

    Better (C8)

    8 Bay (SATA HDD/SSD) Server

    AMD 7543 - 32 core, 64 Threads @2.8GHz

    256GB RAM

    Best (Stornado F1)

    32 Bay (SATA SSD) Server

    AMD 7713P - 64 core, 128 Threads @2.0GHz

    512GB RAM

Highly Available Clustering with the Proxinator

Clustering links your servers to create a unified hardware layer managed from a single interface. You can add more capacity to your hardware layer as you need it, and grow your shares to your users. Your data is always accessible because it is stored redundantly across this layer. So, if there is downtime (planned or unplanned), you will have another copy.

We provide these features by using Ceph, open-source software that's designed to provide scalable and highly available storage.

When clustering with the Proxinator, you're not just ensuring high availability for your virtual machines with Proxmox; you're also safeguarding your data with Ceph, doubling down on reliability and resilience.

ESXi vs. Proxmox

In this educational video, Mitch uses feature comparisons to show why Proxmox is a fantastic alternative to ESXi - especially when comparing vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, Vmotion, and VMware HA with Proxmox's direct alternatives.

45Drives' support team has the expertise to help you migrate from your existing ESXi, Hyper-V, or another virtualization platform, over to Proxmox seamlessly and quickly.

Our team will also help guide you in the specification, building, and maintenance of all of your storage and compute needs whether it is Proxmox with ZFS, Ceph, or any other storage deployment you'd like.