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Storinator Q30:

The Q30 is a 30-bay server that is perfect if you require a lot of high-performance data storage. This 4U top-loading server fits perfectly into any rack space, offering a dense storage solution. Load with 24TB hard drives and you can have 720TB of RAW data available in one unit or put a few 6TB drives – it's whatever you require. The Q30 is perfect for any use case, including clustering and high-availability storage. With high-availability storage being required by many organizations, clusters have become more popular, and 45Drives makes them more affordable.

Product Features:

  • 30 bays
  • Configured for your use case
  • 10GBe capable
  • IPMI - Remote system management and monitoring
  • PMBus - Remote power management of individual modules as well as power statistics
  • Highly-available
  • Perfect for clustering
  • Simple set-up

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Enterprise-class drives match the durability and stability of our Storinator storage servers, especially for higher-availability applications. This, in turn, makes your data management more reliable and cost effective.
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