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Supporting you through the entire process — not just when you have an issue.

45Drives 24/7 Emergency Service

Data storage issues can happen. That’s why our 24/7 Emergency Service is designed to assist with mission-critical storage issues.

When you purchase 24/7 Emergency Service, you get priority access to our Data Storage Specialists. This means if you have a critical storage issue whether it’s within working regular working hours, after hours, weekends or on holidays — you are our main priority and we are available 24/7.

Customer Flow
Step 1

Determine if you have an emergency
Step 2

Call or Email 45Drives Emergency Service Line
Step 3

A member of the service team will contact you within three hours
Step 4

Allow 45Drive Storage Specialist to solve your emergency through Phone, Email or Remote access.
Examples of critical issues are:

  You cannot access your data

  Shares are not connected

  Multiple drive failures

  System will not boot

We’re here to provide you with a quick response and the technical support you need if a critical storage issue should arise.

The same great team that configured your storage solution will now be with you 24/7 for emergencies.

So, take peace in knowing that a 45Drives Data Storage Specialist is just a phone call away and there to help you get your storage solution back online.

For further details contact your Account Manager.