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Storinator AV15:

The AV15 is a 15-bay server that is perfect if you require affordable high-performance data storage. This 4U top-loading server fits perfectly into any rack space, offering a dense and compact storage solution. Load with 24TB hard drives, and you can have 360TB of RAW data available in one unit. The AV15 is perfect for any use case, including clustering and high-availability storage. With high-availability storage being required by many organizations, clusters have become more popular, and 45Drives makes them more affordable.

Product Highlights:

  • 15 bays
  • Configured for your use case
  • 10GBe capable
  • IPMI - Remote system management and monitoring
  • PMBus - Remote power management of individual modules as well as power statistics
  • Highly-available
  • Perfect for clustering
  • Simple set-up

Available AV15 Configuration(s)

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