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Ransomware attacks can be devastating. The most critical part of your organization is your people and your data. If you lose your data your entire organization is at risk. Even with the best status quo protection, when ransomware creeps through the protective layers, there is major disruption to your organization.

What is SnapShield?

SnapShield is a “ransomware activated fuse”. This is agentless software that runs on your server and listens to traffic from clients. If it detects ransomware content, SnapShield pops the connection to your server, just like a fuse. Damage is stopped, and it is business as usual for the rest of your network while your IT personnel clean out the infected workstation. SnapShield also keeps a detailed log of the malicious activity, and has a restore function that instantly repairs any damage that may have occurred to your data.

SnapShield works with 45Drives storage solutions to be the final layer of protection. It is still essential to have a firewall, network-anomaly detection, and endpoint anti-virus protection - but when something fails and ransomware becomes active, SnapShield will ensure your data is safe.

One wrong click could initiate an attack – protect your data from ransomware
How SnapShield protects your data

SnapShield will intelligently monitor your network to learn your normal operations.


Once SnapShield is trained it will actively monitor changes to your servers’ files and flag abnormal activity.


When abnormal activity is detected SnapShield will ban infected machines, severing their connection to the server to protect the rest of your data.


If any files have been encrypted, quickly restore those specific files. SnapShield enables you to minimize impact of ransomware attacks by only rolling back the files that were affected.

When Ransomware Strikes, Keep your data safe

Endpoint protection alone isnt enough to protect yourself from ransomware. Server-side protection is a necessary portion of your cybersecurity plan. The status quo is not enough to keep your data safe.

SnapShield is easy to manage and use

SnapShield features a straightforward UI which eliminates any learning curve. You can manage your snapshots, view incoming traffic, and incident logs from an agentless webUI.

snapshield dashboard
Your ideal ransomware protection
Effective and fast detection
Network isolation via virtual fuse
Complete list of all damaged files
Snapshot policy saving your data every 5 minutes
Restore Utility
SnapShield diagram
Risks of Ransomware
Financial loss

One of the biggest dangers is financial loss. This is due to paying a costly ransom demand, lost productivity, IT costs, legal fees, network modifications, and so on.

Reputational risk

Ransomware attacks that make the news often instill a lack of confidence among your clients. Paired with the shame and financial loss—this will cause reputational damage.

Data loss

Losing access to essential files can damage your entire operation. With your company not functioning normally, employees cannot perform their regular tasks, therefore losing pay and even their jobs.

How will SnapShield affect my performance?

SnapShield will have negligible performance degradation. This is due to SnapShield functioning via an in-memory cache that does not actively crawl the file-system.

Ransomware Service Offerings
Feature Self-serve Enhanced Pinnacle
SnapShield Configuration
Fire Drill During Configuration Bi-Annually Quarterly
Analysis & Tuning First Quarter Quarterly Monthly
File Restore Up to 5 incidents per year Up to 5 incidents per year
Remote Monitoring By 45Drives Business Hours 24/7

So, if ransomware is a scary word for you, let us help take the fear away. A 45Drives solution can protect your office, and our team of experts fully supports our easy-to-use storage solutions—so you don't have to worry about anything but your daily tasks and projects.

Book a demo today to learn about SnapShield and how it can keep your data safe and you out of the news.