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Storage Education with our Free Public Webinar's


In this webinar, our team will give you an overview of Ceph open source software. They will teach you all the benefits of a Ceph storage cluster solution and show you how you never have to run out of storage.

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Get an overview of open source storage concepts, some common advantages and disadvantages associated with data storage options and better understand your storage needs with this webinar.

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This webinar provides fundamental knowledge of the ZFS File System. Through topics like RAID types, volume manager, filesystem, the ZFS storage hierarchy and how ZFS can easily be managed with the 45Drives Houston UI interface, you will learn all the necessary information to begin your journey with the ZFS File System.

Leave with a better understanding of how it can be applied to manage your own day-to-day data storage needs.

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  Proxmox WEBINAR

During this webinar, we'll provide details about transitioning away from VMware. Specifically, we'll assist you in migrating from your current ESXi, Hyper-V, or alternative virtualization platform.

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