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Storinator Hybrid

By 45Drives

    Combines HDDs and SSDs into a single system

    Low latency and high throughput


45Drives Storinator Hybrid

Combining the Performance of SSDs with the Capacity of HDDs

Some data storage applications require greater performance than can be achieved with mechanical hard drives alone. Storinator Hybrid Servers can solve this problem. Hybrid servers combine both drive types into a single system, to give you the performance of SSDs, with the capacity of HDDs.

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Storinator Hybrid
  • Range from 20 to 77 drive bays
  • High Performance
  • Highly Available Clustering
  • Direct-Wired Architecture
  • Hot-Swappable Between SSDs & HDDs
  • Pre-Installed User Interface

Storinator Hybrid Models

The Storage Server that uses both HDDs and SSDs

Card image cap
Storinator Hybrid F8X1

Drive Bays: 12 HDD - 8 SSD bays    

Dimensions: 25.34" x 17.12" x 6.86"

Maximum Capacity HDD*: 288TB

Maximum Capacity SSD*: 60.8TB

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Storinator Hybrid F8X2

Drive Bays: 24 HDD - 16 SSD bays    

Dimensions: 30.5" x 17.12" x 6.86"

Maximum Capacity HDD*: 576TB

Maximum Capacity SSD*: 121.6TB

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Storinator Hybrid F8X3

Drive Bays: 36 HDD - 24 SSD bays    

Dimensions: 36.23" x 17.12" x 6.86"

Maximum Capacity HDD*: 864TB

Maximum Capacity SSD*: 182.4TB

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Storinator Hybrid XL60H32

Drive Bays: 45 HDD - 32 SSD bays
52 HDD - 16 SSD bays

Dimensions: 37.5" x 17.12" x 6.86"

Maximum Capacity HDD*: 1080TB - 1248TB

Maximum Capacity SSD*: 364.8TB

* Assuming 24TB HDD's and 7.6TB SSD’s

Storinator Hybrid as a Single Server

Storinator Hybrid servers, equipped with HDDs, SSDs, and ZFS, enhance your storage performance. SSDs offer low latency and high throughput, while HDD arrays deliver fast throughput for medium and large files. ZFS adds advanced features like data integrity verification, snapshots, and efficient data compression.

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Storinator Hybrid
Storinator Hybrid

Clustering with the Storinator Hybrid

Clustering is a method of organizing multiple servers to work together as a single system to improve performance and reliability. Storinator Hybrids provide significant performance improvements in Ceph storage clusters. Data is stored on HDDs, and metadata and journals on SSD. This yields massive performance benefits in the right workloads. Talk to us to find out if your workload can benefit from Storinator Hybrids.

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