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Safely store & organize all your files in one place.

Video Production Storage by 45Drives

Storage should be Simple

Support at every stage is easily available. Your Storinator will arrive ready to use – no headaches.

High Performance

Your whole team can edit directly from your storage, at speeds greater than an internal SSD. For even greater speeds, hybrid or all-flash storage is available. Rendering and transcoding can be performed at high speeds directly from your storage.


45Drives’ Solutions are open-platform and open-source, giving you the most cost-effective storage on the market.
IT infrastructure purchases won’t eat into your team’s profits
or stop you from spending your budget on the things you really want.

Take out any risk

Drives always have a chance of failure, but you never need to lose your projects. With a 45Drives solution, even if drive failures occur your data will still be safe. Disaster-recovery and high-availability solutions are also available so your data will be accessible and secure in virtually every scenario.

Nextcloud is an open source software application that can be hosted on any 45Drives storage server. It provides your company the ability to securely share large or small files with collaborators or customers. Nextcloud is a great way to manage your own file share from your Storinator without being in the same location as your server. Learn More.

Big files? No problem

With resolution increases and RAW workloads, video files are getting massive and can fill drives fast. The Storinator is engineered from the ground up to be the most affordable and densest storage solution on the market.

Case Study

Read how nomadic filmmaker Sam Kolder uses the Storinator and Seagate hard drives in his workflow.

"45 drives is the ultimate storage solution for professional travel filmmakers, we are able to safely store all of our content on one platform, organize huge amounts of files at once, and send files remotely to ourselves as we need them! I can't imagine working without it or traveling with 20 hard drives again! "

Read the Case Study (pdf)

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