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Big, Strong, Fast Storage Solutions for Video Production

Improve Your Workflow with a Storage Solution from 45Drives.

Video producers often have to wait to transfer files between editors on different platforms. They also deal with the constant growth of data. This can result in “storage zoo”, a mishmash of storage on different devices and platforms that becomes difficult to manage and grow. This occurs with the risk of data loss and creates latencies while accessing or sharing your data.

45Drives offers high-speed storage solutions that are easy to grow along with your data while also keeping it safe from data loss or corruption. On top of that, they allow you to store all of your data in one place and edit directly from it without the need to transfer around files.

Edit Directly From Your Server

Save massive amounts of time with fast video delivery to clients and the ability of multiple editors to work directly off the same server.

We Make Storage Simple

Have access to our storage experts who are real people. They will guide you toward the storage solution that best fits your use case, including the configuration of the software for you. These offerings also don’t require you to get tied up into a useless support contract. Simply just pay for support when you need it.

Store Your Footage in One Place

Our Storinators range from 15 to 60 bays with capacities of 330TBs to 1.2PBs raw. So, you can keep and organize all active projects, B-roll, archive, etc. on a single machine. They're easily scalable if you require additional storage.

Protect Your Footage

You can be on-prem and always in control of your data rather than dealing with cloud providers who lose your data with no true accountability. You also won’t have to worry about accidental deletion of your footage.

Contact a Real Person

Need help with your storage needs? We’ve got you covered. Contact us to speak with a real person who can help you overcome any storage challenges you have.

You'll hear back from us within one business hour. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm EST.

Dylan Tobin - Senior Account Manager

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Shane Gillis - Account Manager

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Standalone Servers

45Drives’ big, strong, fast single servers range from 4 drive bays to 77, with capacities of over 1 Petabyte. Available in mechanical, hybrid, or all-SSD, with options for SATA, SAS, and NVMe to best match video producers’ workload. Available as fully-supported, hardware-only, or anything in between.

single server configuration

Lower Start-up Costs

Ultra Dense

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Clustered Storage

Clustering transforms your storage by combining multiple servers together into a single software-defined storage system. Clusters are centrally managed, can easily be grown, and ensure your footage will be accessible even if a server goes down. They excel for general file serving and high-speed/capacity workloads.

single server configuration

Limitless growth potential

Backup through redundancy

Performance adjusts as needed

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45Drives Digital Guide to Storing Video

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the quantity of video being produced. At the same time, the file sizes of footage and projects have massively increased. All this has led to many video producers not having a clear vision of how best to store and manage their data at the current stage of their organization’s growth.

For video producers, your storage can have a significant impact on your workflow, on how quickly you can complete and manage projects, and on ensuring you never lose any files.

Whether you are a one-person independent media producer or a member of a large studio, this 14-page guide will take you through the most common storage methods media producers use, examples of their workflow, and how to take your organization to the next level.

45Drives is the ultimate storage solution for professional travel filmmakers, we are able to safely store all of our content on one platform, organize huge amounts of files at once, and send files remotely to ourselves as we need them! I can't imagine working without it or traveling with 20 hard drives again!

-Sam Kolder Filmmaker and Adventurer
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