Standalone Servers

45Drives’ big, strong, fast single servers from 4 drive bays to 77, with capacities in excess of 1 Petabyte. Available in mechanical, hybrid, or all-SSD, with options for SATA, SAS, and NVMe, to best match your workload. Available as fully-supported, hardware-only, or anything in between.

Clustered Storage

Clustering transforms your storage by combining multiple servers together into a single software defined storage system. Clusters are centrally managed, scale infinitely, and ensure your data will be accessible even if a server goes down. They excel for general file serving and high-speed/capacity workloads.


Storinator - Store massive amounts of data

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The premier solution for bulk data storage with HDDs. The Storinator provides high-throughput, incredible density and the most cost effective, turnkey data-storage solution on the market.


4 HDD Bays

Starts from $2,842.76*


8 HDD Bays

Starts from $3,993.37*


15 HDD Bays

Starts from $4,445.13*


30 HDD Bays

Starts from $6,328.75*


45 HDD Bays

Starts from $9,917.27*


60 HDD Bays

Starts from $13,835.85*

Storinator Hybrid - High Performance | Cost-Effective

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For workloads with latency requirements that can’t be handled by HDDs alone. The Storinator hybrid combines SSDs and HDDs into a single system to increase performance while keeping bulk storage costs down.


12 HDD - 8 SSD bays

Starts from $5,951.85*


24 HDD - 16 SSD bays

Starts from $8,327.70*


36 HDD - 24 SSD bays

Starts from $12,967.36*


45 HDD - 32 SSD bays

52 HDD - 16 SSD bays

Starts from $14,312.88*

Stornado - Fast. Powerful. Affordable.

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The ultimate in low-latency performance. The Stornado is the densest SSD based storage system on the market so you can have redundancy with maximum I/O and throughput.


32 SATA/SAS Bays

Starts from $7,896.74*



Destroyinator - The Ultimate Disk Sanitization Appliance

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The Destroyinator allows you to wipe up to 60 drives in parallel with no per wipe charges, which supports efficient industrial scale workflows. You can automatically print/ download compliance certificates. while erasing to multiple regulatory standards.


15 Drive Bays

Starts from $6,082.00*


30 Drive Bays

Starts from $8,807.00*


45 Drive Bays

Starts from $13,050.00*


60 Drive Bays

Starts from $16,528.00*

Enterprise Drives

We are your source for enterprise class hard disk drives and solid state drives with full warranty. 45Drives provides a unique advanced RMA service on all drives, so when you inform us of a failed drive you will have a replacement immediately shipped.

Seagate Exos HDD

Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance HDD

Toshiba HDD

Micron PRO SSD


Houson UI

Houston is the open-source server management layer created by 45Drives to massively simply Linux server administration. Witness a live view of your servers and perform tasks like user management and pool creation from an easy-to-use web interface.


SnapShield ‘ransomware activated fuse’ is behavioural analysis software that monitors traffic to your server for ransomware content. When ransomware is detected, SnapShield pops the infected clients connection to your server while it is business as usual for the rest of your organization.



45Drives will configure your server with your chosen operating system and fully-test the servers, so that they are ready to boot once they arrive at your location. With a 45Drives configuration package, our Data Storage Specialists will remotely configure your system for your specific environment. Choose your involvement: hands-off, over-the-shoulder, or even air-gapped. And remember, your engineering call with our Storage Architects will provide us any special requirements for your specific use case.

Emergency Service

We understand that emergencies don’t just happen during business hours. If you have critical infrastructure that cannot afford downtime, our in-house team of Data Storage Specialists are available 24/7, 365. Have confidence knowing that a dedicated 45Drives team member will be with you when you need it most.


45Drives offers data storage specific training for you and your team. Training ensures you are prepared to manage data being utilized in your production environment. We recognize your time is precious, so use our vast storage expertise in our concentrated bootcamps on Linux for IT Professionals, Ceph Clustering and more. Take advantage of our free storage webinars and online resources to help support your team.

Application Support

45Drives offers professional expertise in data storage support for all industries. From performance tuning, custom alerting, access control management, storage expansion, backup strategies, storage network support, and everything in between, our Data Storage Specialists have you covered. Our support team will work with your IT professionals, partners, and vendors to help with all integral components related to your storage until your issue is resolved.


45Drives warrants that our systems will be free from faulty parts and workmanship from the time it is shipped up to one year (or purchased extended warranty). Hardware support is provided at no charge, and even after warranty period has ended, hardware problem diagnosis remains free. For all hard drives purchased from 45Drives, we will take care of the RMA process against the manufacturer’s warranty, with no prepayment period required.


45Drives will integrate 3rd party applications into your storage solution. We recognize that your storage solution is a component of your IT infrastructure that must be seamlessly integrated into your production environment. Our team of Data Storage Specialists have performed countless application integrations across a variety of use cases and industries.


45Drives Data Storage team is available for assistance regardless of where you purchased your hardware. 45Drives are leaders in Ceph, ZFS and open-source platforms and have rescued many organizations from their storage challenges. In addition, 45Drives can assist with developing custom solutions specific to your vision. Countless organizations, from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies, have trusted our team and delivery, so can you.


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