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  •   Available in 4, 8, 15, 30, 45 & 60 drive bays
      Transfer speeds in excess of 3 GB/s
  • Store massive amounts of data.

    The Storinator is the most cost-effective, enterprise storage server on the market.

    This storage server is not only extremely affordable, it's backed by our unmatched customer support.

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  •   Available with 16 or 32 SSD bays
      Random Read 4k IO/s: 732000
  • High Performance | Cost-Effective.

    Our Storinator Servers solve storage issues by letting you store huge amounts of data while still being extremely affordable.

    With the addition of an SSD bank, you can utilize fast random access and storage all within one chassis.

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  •   32 SSD bays, up to 250TB of SSD storage
      Random Read 4k IO/s: 732000
  • Fast. Powerful. Affordable.

    The Stornado all-flash storage server is engineered to be dense, powerful and extremely fast.

    It is also the most affordable enterprise SSD machine on the market today.

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DESTROYINATOR Data Destruction
  •   Available with 15, 30, 45 & 60 drive bays
      Wipe up to 60 drives at once
  • The Ultimate Disk Sanitization Appliance

    Available in 30, 45, and 60 drive models allowing you to wipe 1-60 disks in a single unit.

    In a standard rack with ten D60 Destroyinators, you can wipe up to 600 disks at once!

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45Drives Products

Get the Skinny on Data Storage

New to the Storinator family are the front-loading servers. Available in 4 and 8 bays, these servers are perfect if you require affordability and high-performance but don’t need a massive amount of storage.

Although perfect for any use case, these servers are most commonly used for small data-set clustering and high-availability. For many organizations, small data-set clusters are becoming more popular to access high availability and prevent server sprawl.

The newest front-loading server is the all-flash Stornado. This can fit 32 SSDs in a 2U chassis, perfect for high performance storage.

Storinator Mi4

4 Front-loading Storage Bays
Up to 72TB of

Starting at: $2,842.76

Storinator C8

8 Front-loading Storage Bays
Up to 144TB of

Starting at: $3,993.37

Stornado 2U

32 Front-loading Storage Bays
Up to 242TB of High Performance

Starting at: $7,800.77

Infinitely Scalable

Never Run Out of Storage.

Our Clustered Solution ties together multiple storage servers and can be easily scaled immediately or over time.

It has the ability to provide object, block and file storage in a single, horizontally scalable cluster, with no single points of failure.
Protect your data with
Your data is vulnerable to ransomware attack from any workstation or endpoint that has access to it. This is a fundamental weakness, SnapShield is a final layer of protection that turns a ransomware event into near-nothing.
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With our turnkey solution and full support, no pre-existing server experience necessary.


We make clustering cost-effective and accessible for everyone. From configuration to installation our team is there to make your job easy.