The Most Affordable and Dense All Flash Storage Server

Fast. Efficient. Powerful. Affordable.

Available with 32 bays for up to 250TB of SSD storage in a single server. Scale your storage by clustering multiple servers.

Enterprise-Class Performance
Designed to deliver high availability and reliability while moving massive amounts of data at lightning-fast speeds.

Simplified Workload
The Stornado keeps all your files in one convenient, centralized location - while SSD's allow for ultra-fast access.

# SSDs Random Read 4k IO/s Random Write 4k IO/s

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Lightspeed. Solid. Impressive.

  • Seagate Nytro Enterprise SSDs support the datasphere with blazing speed that enables real-time business responsiveness, instantaneous data availability and meaningful insights. Tap into the ever-growing potential of your data with the broadest portfolio of ultra-high-performance SSD and flash solutions on the market. With maximum performance, low latency and reduced power consumption, Nytro makes the datasphere dynamic.

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Important Information about Solid State Drives

Due to a temporary global shortage of SSD drives, you may experience some delays in the delivery of Solid State Drives.

We expect this to be resolved soon. This does not affect the delivery of Mechanical Hard Drives or 45Drives Servers.