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Recent Reviews :

Kaleb Mortenson - MISTRAS Group

Shoutout to Dylan and Archie for helping us configure a solution that will meet our particular needs. Both provided valuable insight to validate the proposed solution and provided excellent service throughout the entire process.

JF Musial - TangentVector

Absolutely incredible customer service. Alex on the team spent close to 10 hours over 2 weeks with me on a remote session trying to diagnose an issue. Great communication, very warm and professional. Just loved the experience overall.

Brendan Fitzpatrick - Raytheon

There is no company out there that provides the same chat support as you guys do. Normally, I ask a question and I am asked the same questions that I have to already provided in the AI Introduction chat. When I finally get a chance to talk to someone they usually can not answer my question and have to send me to the infamous Level 2 support who I may or not get immediately or I may or may not get any response from. Note this whole process is in excess of 30 min. I am not even going to go into wait times which could be hours. With you guys I type Hello, and seconds later I get a response. I immediately transferred if the initial chat person can not answer my question. Also I have never chatted with a person who actual deals with our contract. Amazing. 5 stars does not do you any justice you guys change the Bar so 10 stars is more realistic.

Patrick Emerson - Newspring Church

The 45 Drives machine exceeded expectations. We are seeing read speeds 30 times greater than our previous solution. I have 100+ users on this server and a team editing video on it! Great product!!

Dominic Cabana - Circonflex

More than happy! Top quality service, fast response, easy to install. Strongly recommend!

Shane McCoy - CFSNB

Using 45Drives solutions makes data security so much easier. so much less bulky than other secure erase systems. Customer service has also been a breeze every time. Honestly the best.

Nadeem Azhar - Pentacore infotech

Its a very nice and reliable cost effective product. 45 drive have all bertical market storage solution wether its surveillance Rich media. I always prefer to use 45drive solution for my customer of Middle East.

Steve Spence - Arkitechs Inc

I like technology videos and the sales services was wonderful.

Michael Rueber - Around The Corner Productions

45Drives has been an awesome partner. Around The Corner Productions is a video production company and we generate a lot of media. We need big, fast, and affordable data. We also have some big clients where we need to keep data secure.

I am a Broadcast Engineer, not a network specialist. 45Drives has always been there to answer my questions. Their staff is very knowledgeable. If the person you are talking to doesn't know the answer, they will connect you with an actual expert on their staff. They have even replicated my setup in their lab and run tests for me. You just don't get this kind of service anymore.

Brian Cochran - NIST

I want to give a shout out to Stephen MacNeil for all his help with us configuring and purchasing our Storinator XL-60 purchases. We appreciate all his help.
I also want to thank Matthew Hutchinson for all his technical software installation support. Our Ceph cluster hardware is air gapped and Matthew has been very helpful and responsive to all of our questions.

Michael W - HRI

We had a need for raw bulk storage, and a fair amount of it. The S45 fully populated with 18TB drives fit the bill well. It is nice to not have to deal with vendor lock-in, utilization-based pricing scams, proprietary binaries, or finding obscure skillsets. For the Linux-savvy folks, this thing feels familiar, but the UI is also well designed. Customer service is responsive, and although we encountered a hardware-related problem that was a bit of a challenge to find, customer service was able to resolve it.

Lincoln Bertram - DJS Associates, Inc.

My first call to 45Drives reached Stephen MacNeil as a representative and he was instrumental in us becoming a customer. Stephen learned what challenges we were facing and invited his engineers were able to answer our questions and recommend the right solution to fulfill our needs. We are grateful for his assistance, because it led us to an affordable solutions.

Kevin Lepard

I purchased a Q30 in 2015. Quality of the case it top notch, both in design details and build quality. The design allows easy access to the drives to add, remove, or replace them and the spacing is adequate so that the drives are well cooled. Access to the motherboard, PSU, etc., is excellent as well. In the years since my purchase, 45Drives has remained very responsive and helpful as I've made changes and upgardes to the system. I'm small potatoes to them owning just a single unit from nearly 7 years ago, but they have nevertheless been invariably helpful, informative and responsive to me. In these days of dubious customer service and care, 45Drives stands out as a company you want to do business with, and keep doing business with. I recommend them highly for quality of product and quality of customer service. Five stars for both.

Kevin Schretlen - University of Northern British Columbia

We were in the market for moderate performance high capacity storage solution. We searched through the market and came to 45drives after they were found to be the right fit for our needs. We purchased 4 of the 45-drive models and are currently expanding the capacity of the cluster again after only two years! Very happy with the product, and the support that we've received from the team at 45drives.com

Dermot Fixter - Simplebuilds

All round great service and customer support. 10/10 would recommend for anyone beginner or expert

David Thompson - Prestige Gifting Ltd

Extremely straightforward and amazing service from the initial enquiry to delivery. The server was shipped out extremely fast and the build quality and selected hardware is first class. The personalisation and custom options mean we got what we needed at a reasonable price.
When a potential issue arose due to a courier mistake 45 Drives went above and beyond to fix it ensuring that what could have been a stressful situation was ultimately not.

Timothy Kester - Wise Health System

We have been using 45Drives units for a few years now. I always wondered why conventional storage solutions were so expensive when they are really simple devices. Well, once I found out about 45Drives, my questions were answered. What I found is that storage doesn't have to be over-priced! Being skeptical upon our first delivery, I expected some corners to be cut or some kind of reliability issues long term. Boy, was I ever wrong in assuming that! In the last three years of ownership, we have not had one single hardware or software related problem with any of our Storinator 45 boxes. I find myself forgetting they exist, since they don't require the occasional pat on the head many of our other systems need. Lastly, I really appreciate the ability to run open-source software on our Storinators; saving us from a running op-ex of licensing fees.

Robert Romero

I've Partnered with 45drives on several occasions, and they never fail to deliver quality products and support. When I've moved on to other companies and cost-effective storage was brought up, I always suggest 45drives.

I continue to look forward to working with the 45drives team.

Edward Reed - IPFusion

The entire team at 45Drives has been wonderful to work with. Sales, Engineering, support, and the entire extended team have gone above and beyond to ensure their customers are satisfied.

Their communication, willingness to help, and extra effort won’t soon be forgotten.

Rich Tobin - DDI Capital

I cover various vendors and manufacturers, and always look forward to working with the 45 drives team for their clarity of the customer needs, and energetic attitudes. Great people + great products = winners.

Jonathan McClure - GovConnection, Inc. d/b/a Connection Public Sector Solutions

I have worked with Stephen MacNeil and 45Drives on several Storinator deals and have only good things to say. Easy to work with, responsive, deliver on their promises, are a valued partner, and best of all, my customers are satisfied with their 45Drives solution!

Johnny Hernandez - JTC Chicago

My experience with 45 drives can be described in one word quality.

From the beginning the sales team and product are easy to understand with quality use case examples and easy and efficient buying process.

What kept me returning year over year to 45 drives was Dylan Tobin. A shining example of quality and trust 45 drives delivers on. With Dylan at the driver seat I always felt in good hands and knew my projects were being handled with care. Also shout out to Rob and the entire support and engineering team making the magic happen and the edge cases reality. Got you next year on the basketball court 💪🏽

I also love 45 drives promotes and utilities open source technology in a meaningful way which shows the excellent character and forward-thinking of their leadership.

Bill Kleyman Kleyman - BillKleyman.com

Where do I even start ... It's officially been more than a year since I've had my 45Drives Storinator and it's been NOTHING short of amazing. In the past, I've built out my own systems leveraging three physical machines (i7 with about 64GB of RAM each) that were all attached to a Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 4. The Netgear housed 4 spinning drives (4TB each) in their own proprietary RAID array. Did it work? Absolutely. Did it work well? Initially...

My biggest challenge was when I started adding new complex workloads. Virtual machines doing application or desktop virtualization would really start to slow things down. Plus, I had Citrix NetScaler load balancers, Ivanti profile and system managers, and even AV and security VMs running parallel functions. If I wanted to stream or encode content at the same time, the system would often slow to crawling speed.

The Storinator Storage Workstation now acts as my backend storage appliance, virtualization host, media repository, and resource hub. It does all of this at an amazing price to density and performance ratio. The really cool part is that I can continue to build and expand the appliance. Coupled with solutions like unRAID, the Storinator becomes an absolute powerhouse for media and lab requirements. Without spending way more money, I never thought I'd be able to have both a lab and media experience like this. I honestly couldn't recommend it enough.

The unique 45Drives design keeps the Storinator nice and cool with three fans blowing air right at the drives. From there, you can actually add disks without turning the system off! You may have to restart the array, but the entire physical appliance can stay up and running. Not only has this become my go-to solution for media content, it's also the home to some really cool private cloud solutions. And, if you like to tinker, it's this kind of solution that gives you the most freedom. Remember, you don't have to load unRAID as your bare-metal platform. The Storinator will work quite happily and efficiently with a Windows OS sitting right on top, or any other operating system you want to work with. Remember, the Storinator is very much OS agnostic and can work with pretty much any operating system.

Bottom line, if you've been frustrated with media resources, or just trying to build out your own lab, you absolutely need to look at the 45Drives Storinator Storage Workstation. It'll completely change the way you manage your media and lab platform. Not to mention, the amount of fun you'll have deploying and working with this solution.

Anonymous Customer - 45Drives Customer and Fan

From the first phone call, working with them has been a dream. Friendly and knowledgeable staff that are super passionate about what they do. Its clear from the get-go they love what they do and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Also nice that they promote Open Source Software and tools in their Storinator appliances. I honestly cannot praise them enough.

Speaking of The Storinator. That machine is dream to work with. Build quality is second to none. Customizable hardware for whatever workload you want (they even do custom faceplates, which are super cool). When it comes to workloads, this machine can handle anything we throw at it.

Houston UI makes administration a breeze, giving you a clean GUI for those that are not as comfortable with the Command Line

Its no exaggeration when I say The Storinator is the single coolest piece of tech I have ever used in my IT Career.

Moreso, I'd go so far to say the 45 Drives is the single coolest vendor I've had the pleasure of working with. I wish I could give 6 stars.

I could gush about them all day to be honest. In short, they are pretty cool, you should definitely check them out :)

PS. They are also a fraction of the price of the "Other Guys". So that's pretty cool too.

Tiffany Dang - Blue Street Capital

45Drives's long run of success is reflected in their dedication to delivering quality service, building long lasting relationships, and holding themselves accountable to the highest degree. They embody values that would leave any customer satisfied simply because they care.

If I could bottle up efficiency, trust, and integrity into one person, it would be Dylan Tobin. Every project is done seamlessly with the utmost quality and attention to detail. I know I'm in good hands and look forward to doing business for years to come.