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High Capacity
Data Storage Solutions
built on Open Platform
& Open Source

Welcome to New Enterprise.
At 45 Drives, we understand that data storage requirements are growing faster than most organizations’ IT budgets and human resources. The result is ‘storage zoo’, a mishmash of storage on different devices and platforms that becomes difficult to manage and grow. We create big, strong, fast, storage solutions that help our customers tame their storage zoo, creating order and a runway for growth. And we do all this, with the industry’s best service, at a fraction of the cost of legacy enterprise storage or cloud.

Single Server Configurations

With our turnkey solution and full support, no pre-existing server experience necessary.

single server configuration

Lower Start-up Costs

Transfer Speeds Over 3 GB/S

Start Small & Expand

Ultra Dense

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Multi-Server Configurations

We make clustering cost-effective and accessible for everyone. From configuration to installation our team is there to make your job easy.

single server configuration

Unlimited scalability

Fully Redundant

Scaled Performance

High Availability

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Maximum Density

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Robust enterprise data storage for Hard drive applications. Available from 4 to 60 bays. Configured to your application by 45Drives support.

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Maximum Performance

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The all-flash Stornado is built for your low latency applications. 2U with up to 32 SSDs. Dense, affordable flash storage.

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Powerful, Dense Hybrid

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Hybrid systems with 12 HDDs & 8 SSDs per row. Optimized for clustering and ZFS. The best of both worlds.

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Mass Drive Wiping

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Destroyinator ®

45Drives easy-to-load chassis built for data erasure instead of storage. Erase up to 60 drives at once and print certificates. Erase to standard.

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"45 drives is the ultimate storage solution for professional travel filmmakers, we are able to safely store all of our content on one platform, organize huge amounts of files at once, and send files remotely to ourselves as we need them! I can't imagine working without it or traveling with 20 hard drives again!" Sam Kolder
"The 45 Drives machine exceeded expectations. We are seeing read speeds 30 times greater than our previous solution. I have 100+ users on this server and a team editing video on it! Great product!!" Patrick Emerson
Newspring Church
"45Drives has been an awesome partner. I am a Broadcast Engineer, not a network specialist. 45Drives has always been there to answer my questions. Their staff is very knowledgeable. If the person you are talking to doesn't know the answer, they will connect you with an actual expert on their staff. You just don't get this kind of service anymore." Michael Rueber
Around The Corner Productions
"We had a need for raw bulk storage, and a fair amount of it. The S45 fully populated with 18TB drives fit the bill well. It is nice to not have to deal with vendor lock-in, utilization-based pricing scams, proprietary binaries, or finding obscure skillsets. For the Linux-savvy folks, this thing feels familiar, but the UI is also well designed." Michael W
"Extremely straightforward and amazing service from the initial enquiry to delivery. The server was shipped out extremely fast and the build quality and selected hardware is first class. The personalisation and custom options mean we got what we needed at a reasonable price." David Thompson
Prestige Gifting Ltd
"We are extremely happy with our experience with 45Drives. We faced a ransomware attack, where our data was encrypted. Without 45Drives we would have been screwed. Instead, we were back to 100% operation within a week. With 45Drives, we can get 100TB at 1/10th the cost." Linn County Oregon

45Drives is ISO 9001 Certified

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