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45Drives solutions help you safely store & organize all your files in one place. We provide open source solutions and give you the most cost effective storage with no restrictive contracts.

Single Server Configurations

With our turnkey solution and full support, no pre-existing server experience necessary.

single server configuration

Lower Start-up Costs

Transfer Speeds Over 3 GB/S

Start Small & Expand

Ultra Dense

Build & Price
Multi-Server Configurations

We make clustering cost-effective and accessible for everyone.From configuration to installation our team is there to make your job easy.

single server configuration

Unlimited scalability

Fully Redundant

Scaled Performance

High Availability

Build & Price
No Licensing Fees

Don't be locked-in to legacy devices. Our team of storage experts can integrate a robust 45Drives solution into your current IT infrastructure or help with any storage challenges you face.

Non-Restrictive Warranty

Yup, you read that right! We will support you even if your server has been altered. It’s your storage solution; we believe you have a right to optimize it to suit your needs without giving up support from your vendor.

Never-Ending Support

If you need us, we’re here. We’ll help match the right storage solution for your needs and configure your storage solution - making it fully functional and ready to start working when it arrives at your door. If you need support, we’re here to support you through the whole process and after your solution is up and running.

Simplified User Interface

We made open source simple. Not only are we the only enterprise company to fully support open source hardware and software, but we developed an easy-to-use dashboard to help manage your storage infrastructure.


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