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The Destroyinator

By 45Drives

    Wipe up to 60 Drives at Once

    Easily Clone a Master Disk Image to Newly Sanitized Disks

    16ga Steel Chassis, Screwed & Powdercoated

45Drives Destroyinator

Securely Wipe Hard Drives Easily and Efficiently

Did you know that 90% of the world’s hard drives are destroyed instead of being wiped and reused? This not only causes significant environmental waste but also results in substantial financial loss. Wiping drives individually on the other hand is both tedious and raises concerns about data recovery.

The Destroyinator offers the ultimate solution for drive wiping. With models that can accommodate 15, 30, 45, or 60 drives, it allows for wiping up to 60 disks simultaneously in a single unit. It is designed to wipe both mechanical hard drives and solid state drives whether they are 3.5" or 2.5". It's also fully compliant with standards like HIPAA, NIST 800-88, US DoD, and many more, offering cost-effective and secure data destruction.

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45Drives Stornado

Wipe hard drives in mixed batches

Adheres to dozens of compliance standards

Easily clone a master disk or image to newly sanitized disks

Pre-configured with Killdisk software, industrial-grade sanitization

Official wipe certificate provided for each drive

Hot-swappable drives, no caddies required

16ga steel chassis, screwed & powder coated

Both SATA and SAS storage devices supported

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    KillDisk Software

    KillDisk is an industrial-grade hard drive sanitation software that comes pre-installed with your Destroyinator. Easy to administer, KillDisk Industrial is made to be used in both Windows and Linux environments and is applicable for a wide variety of use cases. With its fully automatic operations, users can easily plug drives in and erase them with very little intervention. Barcodes & QR Codes for Certificates and Drive Labels can also be generated to simplify the tracking and reporting process.

    KillDisk Industrial comes with robust disk inspection tools like SMART Monitor, File Browser, and Hex Viewer, allowing complete user control and understanding of your drives. The software can evaluate disks for faulty sectors before erasure (optional) and based on the evaluation results, the erasing process can either be skipped or continued.

Erasing Hard Drives with the Destroyinator and KillDisk

In this video, we provide an overview of the Destroyinator, showcasing its features and capabilities, followed by a detailed demonstration of KillDisk software in action.

Destroyinator Models

Destroyinator D15

Wipes up to 15 drives at once

Destroyinator D30

Wipes up to 30 drives at once

Destroyinator D45

Wipes up to 45 drives at once

Destroyinator D60

Wipes up to 60 drives at once

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