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Take Your Storinator to the Cloud

Work & collaborate from anywhere in the world with 45Drives Cloud Solutions.


Nextcloud is an open source software application that can be hosted on any 45Drives storage server. It provides your company the ability to securely share large or small files with collaborators or customers. Nextcloud is a great way to manage your own file share from your Storinator without being in the same location as your server.


Easy Set Up

Nextcloud functions very similar to Dropbox and provides you with an easy way to share files from your server.

For example: If you're a video editor in New York and have a client in California who wants to see the footage you're working on - NextCloud is the perfect application.

Video Overview

Learn more about using Nextcloud on your Storinator and integrating Cloud access to your storage solution.

Features of Nextcloud

File Share

Users can easily upload and download files with a web interface. Files can also be shared out to anyone on an individual basis by a web link.

User Management

As administrator you can add and delete users. Users can be then placed into groups. Manage access and permissions for all users.


Among the security features, you can set the password settings and enable HTTPS. You can also enable server-side data encryption.

External Storage

In addition to viewing files residing on the same server as our Nextcloud service, you can mount external storage onto Nextcloud.

Mobile App

Mobile application available on iOS and Android with the core features of the desktop version. Great for checking your files on the go!

Traditional Cloud Services


Ideal for large and small scale syncing and backing up single files

For Archiving & Back-ups

Your Storinator is 100% compatible with traditional cloud services such as Backblaze B2, Amazon S3, Google Cloud and many others.

Supports backing up all your files at once

We encourage our customers to utilize these platforms as part of their disaster recovery solution.

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