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Do More with your Budget.

High Performance Data Storage for Aerospace and Defense


Aerospace & Defense Customers

Storage you can trust

45Drives offers a unique solution to the challenge of Aerospace data storage. Based on our experience working with the largest Aerospace companies in the world, we are able to tailor our solution directly to the problems of Aerospace & Defense companies. Leverage 45Drives to guide you through the unique challenges of creating and maintaining storage infrastructure with strict regulations.

Performance. Scalability. Security.

Aerospace and defense organizations have performance and security requirements they must meet. 45Drives has a wealth of experience working with organizations to provide data storage that is performant, infinitely-scalable, secure, and that comes in under budget.


Flexible Storage Solutions

You may have a unique environment, or unique challenges you are facing with your data storage. 45Drives uses open-source software and open-platform hardware that won’t restrict you in the ways that legacy vendors attempt to. If you face challenges with integration into complicated existing networks or new custom systems, make it easy by using 45Drives for your data storage.


There is no other solution on the market that can get you the performance, support and scalability you need at the price of 45Drives solutions. Our prices are posted clearly online, because unlike legacy storage vendors, we want you to see how much you could be saving.

  • Systemize Management

    Develop standardized procedures that suit your organization by working with our engineering staff and draw from our wealth of best practices developed over years of working with similar organizations. 45Drives’ engineers have experience working with Aerospace & Defense organizations to develop precise procedures that systemize the storage management process.

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