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Supporting you through the entire process — not just when you have an issue.

Data Storage Consulting

If you’re looking to speak to a senior data storage engineer, check out our enterprise consultation package below. Our engineers have vast experience, high motivation, and a proactive approach ready to apply their expertise to your project.

Areas of Consultation
  • Ceph Storage Administration
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Performance
  • Data Migration
  • ZFS Administration
  • Expanding Current Infrastructure
  • Storage Infrastructure Planning
  • Server Migration
  • Incorporating Open Source Solutions into Current Infrastructure
Hardware support
Upgrading your storage infrastructure with a 45Drives solution

If you do want to transition to a 45Drives solution – here’s a little information.

We develop storage solutions that enable our customers to maximize their IT investments and transition smoothly into new open technology systems. We have years of experience working with start-ups, small businesses, universities & research facilities, fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and more to design, develop, and deliver next-generation storage solutions. If you’re looking for a new storage solution, our flexible, customized solutions are developed by our in-house, senior engineers.

Our team of data storage specialists fully support you in your role and will get you set up with the perfect storage solution for your organization.

45Drives Consultants help System Admins, CTOs, CIOs and business owners to meet their data storage goals from inception to implementation. Whether you are an entry-level administrator or an experienced player, you'll benefit from our server expertise.

We can provide you with expert storage analysis, suggest infrastructure upgrades and create designs to help you transition into a more unified storage solution.

If you’re looking to incorporate a 45Drives solution or just want help upgrading your current infrastructure – our storage consulting engineers are here to help.