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Creator Cartel

We work and collaborate with some awesome content creators. Our Creator Cartel consists of people directly in the technology and server world to those who just require more data storage — to bring the world some awesome content.

You can check out all of our Creators below, and if you want to join the 45Drives Creator Cartel, Click Here.

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MY STOR-INATOR! - 45drives Storinator AV15 Unboxing

Austin Evans - The 100TB Project

Austin Evans - The 250TB Project

FunForLouis - 160TB Server (All My Hard Drives)

iJustine - NEW SERVER! 150TB server install with Linus!

Level1Techs - Level1’s Official Storage Upgrade! Part 1 - Meet 'stdio 54,' The 45 Drive Storinator

Linus Tech Tips - The STORNADO - Classic Unboxing

Linus Tech Tips - 100TB at over 1GB/s - The 'Storinator' is back!

Linus Tech Tips - Deploying ANOTHER PETABYTE of Storage!

Linus Tech Tips - INSTALLING THE PETABYTE - Server Room Upgrade Vlog

Linus Tech Tips - Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!!

The Slow Mo Guys - New 130TB Storage Server ft. Linus

SmarterEveryDay - 160TB Server with Linus! (From Linus Tech Tips) - Smarter Every Day 222

Transport Evolved - Our New 45 Drives Server Is Tesla-Spec!

Lawrence Systems - 45 Drives Storinator Q30 Review

Marques Brownlee - Adding 140 TERABYTES to the Studio with Linus!

Hacksmith Industries - Upgrading our Server with LINUS...

TechSmartt - LinusTechTips and Me Built…What?

ZHC - Best Stone Carving Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts

Craft Computing - One Terabyte of RAM for the CRAFTINATOR!

Jeff Geerling - The Petabyte Pi Project

Jeff Geerling - One Petabyte, one Raspberry Pi (PetaPi follow-up!)

Techno Tim - NEW SERVER! Deploying 100 TB of Storage to my HomeLab!

Techno Tim - I Put RGB Fans in My Server and I am NOT Apologizing

Dave's Garage - Windows vs 30 Hard Drives - Can it Do it!? Find out!

Dave's Garage - How RAID Works

Dave's Garage - Jeff and Dave: The Big NAS Crossover Episode [Craft Computing]

Level1Techs - 45 Drives Houston Mods: Previous Versions, Containers, PiHole, LanCache and More!

Level1Techs - Data Recovery PTSD: Prep for 45 Drives Offsite Backup

Lawrence Systems - Quick Look at the 45 Drives Houston Command Center Linux Web Interface

Lawrence Systems - Review: How is That 45 Drives Storinator Petabyte Project Going 7 Months Later?

Lawrence Systems - 45 Storinator Q30 Followup Review 2022