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What is 45Drives "New Enterprise"?

Enterprise reliability, capacity, and service, but with unheard of freedom, flexibility, and cost control. All under a single point of vendor accountability.

What does the word "Enterprise" mean?

The word "Enterprise" is used to describe computing and storage infrastructure that is critical to an organization’s functioning. There is no hard definition, but we associate it with positive characteristics such as

  • High capacity, speed, and functionality
  • Mature design and proven reliability
  • Vendor accountability
  • Full solutions with hardware, software, and service.

The Dark Side - "Legacy Enterprise" and Vendor Lock-in.

In addition to the positive characteristics above, the term enterprise developed associations with some less desirable characteristics. Legacy enterprise was based on proprietary combinations of hardware, software, and service. Customers would be tightly locked into these arrangements by contract. Historically, the reason for vendors trying to retain control on every aspect of their system was to improve reliability. Now, that reliability is achievable while giving customers control over their systems, but vendors have retained it. They use this to lock customers in and to weigh the relationship to their advantage.

Vendor lock-in eliminates competition for parts, service and upgrades. Legacy vendors use this to elevate prices, while customers have no recourse. Customers are often restricted from modifying or repairing systems on their own. This can leave them at the mercy of the vendor's schedule when failures occur, and can prevent them from changing their system as their requirements evolve. Customers pay over the market rate for parts and services. The whole experience can have a “my way or the highway” feeling.

"New Enterprise" controls costs and delivers a better experience

45Drives has developed its New Enterprise business model, which delivers enterprise-level capability, reliability, and service, but without vendor lock-in and its negative impacts. The evolution of the open source software development model brought a collective intelligence to bear on the challenges of enterprise storage software. As it has matured, it has become capable of delivering performance and reliability that meets or exceeds what the legacy vendors provide. Our New Enterprise model leverages open source software with our big, strong, fast hardware and expertise to deliver a whole New experience where you are well looked after, but in control.

New Enterprise has the following characteristics:

  • Open Source Software – in the world of storage, open source software such as Linux, ZFS, and Ceph have proven themselves to offer top level performance and reliability. Open source is guided and supported by a mesh of combined expertise and experience that is stronger than any proprietary solution will ever be. On top of that you have no license fees, and a very high degree of flexibility to use or customize as you wish.
  • Open hardware platform – You may choose to make your own repairs or modification, and use components from other vendors, without risk of voiding warranties.
  • Single Point of Vendor Accountability – this is missing in other open enterprise models, where the open source software provider is separate from the hardware vendor.
  • A la Carte Service Selection - With New Enterprise, you can pick any level of service that you want, all the way from "White Glove" hands off implementation and 24/7 support, to self configure and service. Whatever way you choose, we will always be beside you.

So with "New Enterprise", you can get all the performance and mission critical reliability that you need, but you get to leave vendor lock behind. New Enterprise gives you control over your infrastructure, and control over your costs.