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45Drives is the only enterprise storage vendor that supports both open source software and open platform hardware - helping you avoid unnecessary restrictions and expensive license fees.


You get all the features of enterprise including centralized management, unlimited scalability, and performance that won’t slow you down - in the densest and most affordable enterprise storage solution on the market with our wonderful support team to help you every step of the way.

Software Solutions We Recommend

Ceph Clustered Storage Solutions

Running out of storage can mean absolute chaos for your IT department. Ensuring your organization doesn’t run out of storage and that data is always available could be the difference between a no sleep, and a great night sleep.

Let’s face it, no IT professional wants a mess of barely compatible infrastructure and they defiantly don’t want to ask their team to start deleting data or change their work flow to accommodate data storage shortages. So how do you grow storage capacity incrementally and cost effectively? Ceph clustering is the answer.

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