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The simplest way to manage & maintain your storage infrastructure.

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Houston is a web-based management layer developed by 45Drives, built on the open-source Cockpit Project. Houston was developed to simplify server management, regardless of administrator experience level.

Love the command line? No problem — there’s a Houston tab for that! But if you’re looking to get out of the command line, Houston allows you to manage your Linux server much more simply and accessibly. With Houston, you can configure and manage your servers within an intuitive window on a web browser.

Key advantages of Houston UI

Easy Management

Move your common administrator tasks onto a lean management layer and off the command line. Houston lets you easily configure and manage pools, shares, snapshots and more – all behind an intuitive user interface. Command line interface (CLI) is also available within Houston when needed.

Single Point Of View

Say goodbye to clutter. Houston offers a single point of view into your storage, providing all the high-level system information you need at a glance while staying lean and accessible.

Hardware Integration;

Houston makes hard drive replacements easier than ever, providing you with a live diagram showing which row your drives are in, their status and what pool they are in. Houston also provides a dynamic motherboard view, so you know how many HBA, RAM, etc. slots are open or used.



45Drives Disks

45Drives Motherboard

45Drives System



File Sharing





Storage Devices

Ceph Deploy

The overview tab quickly gives you a view of which server you're accessing and its general status.

The 45Drives Disks tab gives you a view into your server's drive bays.

The Motherboard tab shows a live view of your server's motherboard.

The System tab is where you can see what model, chassis, serial number, motherboard and motherboard serial number are within your server.

The ZFS tab gives you control over ZFS management without using the command line.

The Identities Tab provides a clean and simple place to add more accounts to your server or view/modify your existing accounts, including group management.

The File Sharing tab provides you with a simplified management experience for Samba and NFS.

The Navigator functions similarly to any file explorer you've experienced, such as those in Windows or Mac.

The Networking tab allows you to see your server's current activity, showing you a live graph of the data your server sends and receives.

With Houston's Benchmarking tab, you can easily stress-test your servers.

Love the command line? In the Terminal tab you can run command line tool to your OS.

With the Storage Devices tab you can see how much your drives are working at a glance. It displays a live view of your devices (reading/writing)

Easily deploy Ceph from a guided module

Houston Tech Tips

Looking for more information about Houston? We have a few videos to help you get acquainted with this awesome, easy-to-use software.


When you choose a 45Drives storage server you get an extremely reliable, affordable, enterprise product and a whole team to help you every step of the way.

Have a question? We’re here to answer any questions you may have about Houston or our products, support, and services. Talk to an account manager.

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