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Houston Command Center is the simplest way to manage and maintain your storage infrastructure.

We designed Houston for our customers. It was important for us to make a dashboard that was easy to use and easy to navigate because we want our customers to have control over their storage infrastructure. Houston is for everyone – from the entry level administrator looking for quick server stats or the experienced administrator looking to dive into the command line.

Houston is installed on your server and is directly integrated with your 45Drives hardware. Powered by the cockpit project, Houston is engineered to give you all the system information and tools you need without any clutter. But, it’s flexible so it can adjust to any additional requirements you need.



Houston’s was designed for 45Drives’ data storage products, both for single servers and clusters.

Houston Tech Tips

Key advantages of Houston UI

Key advantages of Houston UI


Say goodbye to cluttered dashboards that give you too much information. Houston offers a single viewpoint into your storage, providing high-level system information like CPU and memory usage, hardware information, and package updates. It has a lean design, only providing the system information you require.


Houston has an interactive motherboard within the hardware module. This allows you to check system specs by simply mousing over the part you are trying to identify.

The model is dynamic, meaning regardless of your configuration, or if you swap parts, it will provide a true-to-life representation of your hardware – both with the image and information displayed.


Houston’s ZFS file sharing module enables you to easily create and manage your storage pools, create SMB/NFS shares, and manage snapshots. It also provides a built-in CLI for those who prefer a command line or looking for some functionality outside of Houston’s default capabilities.


When you choose a 45Drives storage server you get an extremely reliable, affordable, enterprise product and a whole team to help you every step of the way.

Have a question? We’re here to answer any questions you may have about Houston or our products, support, and services. Talk to an account manager.

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