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Protect Your Data

Planning out your business continuity can take time, but it could be a significant cost-saver in the long run. In addition, knowing the risks you face and how to deal with them is a big advantage compared to being unprepared if your servers go offline. 45Drives provides secure, simple, and cost-effective on-premises disaster recovery solutions.

Disaster Recovery Facts:

  • Disaster recovery is essential for worst-case scenarios and gets your storage systems up and running as quickly as possible.
        It is meant to give you protection from situations that could otherwise be catastrophic to your business.
  • Having a geographically separated backup is at the core of disaster recovery.
  • Disaster recovery solutions can be (and often are) highly available.
  • If your primary server goes down you have a complete duplicate of your data on your second server. If you are looking for high-availability, no problem, simply cluster multiple servers together in your primary location. Click here to learn more about clustering.

    local-server vs offsite back-up

    How To Get Started

    Talk to one of our storage experts to find the right solution for your data needs. If you already have a storage server we will work with you to set up your disaster recovery solution using the Storinator as your backup.


    The DR Solution uses incremental backup to save time and disk space. After the first data backup. Only files that have been modified or added since the last backup will be copied.

    Customize your backup schedule. Easily schedule your data to back up daily, weekly, monthly or whatever you prefer.

    Have as many servers as you divke to keep your data safe and protected. If you feel your data is at risk even with an external backup - add another server in a different location!

    Two Storinator servers configured with FreeNAs and ZFS. Your receiving end must be equal or larger than your primary server.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How quickly you can resume operations at a specific point during an outage or disaster is essential to avoiding loss of revenue and ensuring ongoing productivity. Disaster recovery is maintaining at least one secure copy of your data so that you can come back online if your primary location is thoroughly damaged or destroyed.

    Disaster recovery uses a full alternate physical copy in a separate location or cloud service for data restoration, whereas high availability uses redundancy so that data is always available. Therefore, high availability does not protect against disasters that completely destroy your live data.

    Recovery Time Objective – The specific time it takes to resume operations after a disaster strikes. RTO is used to ensure your disaster recovery plan doesn’t take so long to implement that the financial burden caused by data outage is greater than your organization can afford.

    Recovery Point Objective – Is how old your data can be when it is restored. This determines your backup schedule so that you never lose more data than you can afford.

    Our team will work with you to design the perfect solution for your company's continuity plan. However, the process usually includes adding an external server(s) to your current storage solution that will be ready to restore all your data in the case of a disaster, within the RTO and RPO constraints you require.

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