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The Stornado

By 45Drives

    High Density All-flash Storage Server

    Transfer speeds of up to 55 GB/s and 8 million IOPS

    Linux Pre-installed

45Drives Stornado

All-Flash Server for the Enterprise

As the cost of SSDs has decreased and performance demands have increased, more and more companies are turning to all-flash servers for storage. SSDs have significantly lower latency and faster read/write speeds than HDD, which results in enhanced responsiveness and efficiency for users.

If your application requires an all-flash server, the 45Drives Stornado is your solution. The Stornado is the densest all-flash server available on the market, with 32-bays in a 2U chassis. This enterprise-ready all-flash server is backed by the 45Drives support team.

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45Drives Stornado

High Density All-flash Storage Server

2U height

32 Bays for 2.5“ SSDs

Toolless Drive Access

Linux Pre-installed

Windows Option with Hardware RAID available

    45Drives Stornado F2

    Stornado F2 (NVMe)

    The Stornado F2 is the next-generation Stornado, featuring 32 NVMe drive bays. The Tri-Mode backplane enables the use of U.3 NVMe, SATA, or SAS drives. NVMe drives have dropped in price and are now accessible for high-density, affordable storage. This ultra-high-speed server has been benchmarked with transfer speeds of 55GB/s and 8 million IOPS. This is the ultimate choice for your latency-sensitive applications and the industry-leading hardware for U.3 NVMe.


    AMD Intel
    Motherboard H12SSL-I X12-DPi-N6
    CPU EPYC 7713P (64 CPU cores @ 2.0GHz / 128 threads) 2x Xeon Gold 6338 (32 cores @ 2.0GHz / 64 threads)
    RAM 256GB (up to 2TB memory option) 256GB (up to 4TB memory option)
    HBA LSi 9600-16i Tri-Mode (NVMe, SATA, SAS) LSi 9600-16i Tri-Mode (NVMe, SATA, SAS)
    45Drives Stornado F1

    Stornado F1 (SATA & SAS)

    The Stornado F1 all-flash server features 32, 2.5" SSD bays. This dense, high-performance server is optimized for your low latency and high-performance requirements. This high speed server has been benchmarked with transfer speeds of 12.5 GB/s and 732 thousand IOPS.


    Enhanced Turbo
    Motherboard Model Intel Based: X11SPL
    AMD Based: H11SSL
    Intel Based: X11SPL
    CPU CPU Model Intel Xeon Silver 4210
    Intel Xeon Silver 4216
    AMD EPYC 7281
    Intel Xeon Gold 6230R
    Memory System Memory Starting at 16GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM Starting at 16GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM
    Total Memory Slots 8 8
    Memory Expandable up to 512GB (64 x 8) 512GB (64 x 8)
45Drives Clustered Stornado

Peak Clustering Performance with the Stornado

Clustering links your servers to create a unified namespace managed from a single interface, allowing easy scalability for users. Your data remains accessible through redundant storage across the cluster, ensuring availability even during planned or unplanned downtime.

We provide these clustering solutions using Ceph, open-source software designed for scalable and highly available storage.

The features of Ceph are complemented by the speed of the Stornado storage server and SSD drives. SATA SSDs leverage their flash technology to enhance performance over traditional HDDs, resulting in reduced data transfer times and minimized latency.

NVMe drives further enhance performance by dramatically increasing data throughput and efficiency. They also use the PCIe interface for direct, high-speed CPU connections, which reduces data transfer times and minimizes latency. This is especially beneficial in high-demand environments like big data analytics and real-time applications, ensuring clusters operate at peak performance by minimizing bottlenecks in data access and processing.

Why Choose 45Drives?

At 45Drives, we’ve reinvented the way enterprise storage and virtualization are delivered with our ‘New Enterprise’ model. Like legacy vendors, we provide full solutions - consulting, architecture, hardware, software, configuration, and support. But unlike legacy vendors, our open, non-proprietary model eliminates the risk of lock-in contracts.

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