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Storage Solutions for
Local Government

Improve Your Storage Infrastructure with 45Drives

Local government IT departments have to deal with ever growing quantities of data within tight budgets - everything from general files, GIS data, body & dash cam footage, video surveillance, etc. Storage infrastructure grows piecemeal over time, resulting in a "server zoo" — a hodgepodge of multiple servers of different ages, sizes, manufacturers. This becomes difficult to operate and maintain.

At 45Drives, we manufacture storage solutions for local governments that are big, strong and fast. When used as standalones, our large capacity single servers mitigate the server zoo problem, and can allow for room to expand. But the ultimate solution for municipalities is storage clustering. Our open source clustering solutions are a permanent solution to server zoo, giving you the ability to grow smoothly and effortlessly, and making server downtime a complete non-event.

Even better, our new enterprise model means you get highest reliability and capability, but at a price that fits into almost any municipal budget. Our team of dedicated storage specialists also have extensive experience helping with the bidding process, and can work with you to secure storage solution at a cost per unit & capacity that is dramatically lower than those from legacy vendors.

Join the hundreds of municipalities that are revolutionizing their storage infrastructure and eliminating their server zoo with 45Drives.

Customer Success Stories

Officer Clifton Grimm, Lexington P.D - Clustering Customer

In this episode of the 'What's Spinnin' Podcast with 45Drives, Clifton shares how on premise storage clustering from 45Drives helped him tame his “server zoo”.

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Bill Hopkins, City of Keizer, Oregon - SnapShield Customer

In this episode of the 'What's Spinnin' Podcast with 45Drives, Bill shares how a costly ransomware attack in 2020 led the City of Keizer to SnapShield, the ransomware activated fuse developed by 45Drives.

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Customize Your Storage Solution

Single Server

single server

We make big, strong, fast single servers from 4 drive bays to 77, with capacities in excess of 1 Petabyte. Available in mechanical, hybrid, or all-SSD, with options for SATA, SAS, and NVMe, to best match your workload.

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Ceph Storage Clustering

clustered server

Clustering transforms your storage by combining multiple servers together into a single software defined storage system. This ensures your data is accessible should a server go down. Clusters are centrally managed, scale infinitely. They excel at high speed and high-capacity workloads, as well as general file serving.

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World-Class Support

Managing storage for your local government office can be stressful and busy, and most departments’ technical resources are stretched to the limit. At 45Drives, we offer the industry’s best service, under models that make it affordable for municipalities.

Our service team can preconfigure your storage solution, help you commission it and connect your clients throughout your network. Our variety of affordable and accessible support packages range from basic hardware troubleshooting, to hands off white-glove service with 24/7 emergency assistance that means that we are always there for you no matter what goes on. We are your single point of accountability for all your storage needs.

Training & Webinars

Despite Linux, ZFS and Ceph being the most powerful and cost effective storage operating systems and software in existence, tackling a learning curve on your own can a daunting thought.

At 45Drives, we offer various training and education programs that demystify the unknowns surrounding open source and clustering, making it simple and accessible to municipal IT departments.

Whether you want to participate in a privately tailored training session, or you want to take part in our regular live webinars, both allow you to easily develop the competencies that help you understand, specify, and operate the most reliable storage solutions available to you.

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Protect Your Government Data From Ransomware Attacks With SnapShield

Ransomware attacks can be lethal to local governments. The cost of an attack can be millions of dollars, and your local government suddenly becomes a news headline in a way you never wanted.

With SnapShield in place on your 45Drives server, you can sleep at night knowing that your important data is safe and secure.

Should ransomware make it through your defences, SnapShield "pops" the connection to infected workstations and allows you to easily roll back the few files that were affected. You can have peace of mind knowing that if and when a ransomware attack happens, SnapShield will make it a non-event.

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New Enterprise for Local Government Offices

Local government offices have to grapple with fast-expanding data storage needs that ultimately create server zoos—which are difficult and stressful to maintain. Strict budgets also make it hard to grow this infrastructure. Legacy enterprise vendors work with highly proprietary business models aimed at eliminating competition. This imposes restrictions on you, and increases costs.

At 45 Drives, we pioneered the ‘New Enterprise’ model, which combines open source and open platform software and hardware, with the industry’s best and most capable service. The result is exceptional enterprise solutions that are free from unnecessary restrictions and vendor lock-in, while still offering performance, mission critical and full enterprise reliability, capability and service. On top of that, it is refreshingly reasonable in cost.

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