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Data Storage Solutions for County and Municipal Governments

Local governments trust 45Drives with their storage. Our customer-focused service is there for you, whether expanding current architecture, consolidating existing hardware or protecting your sensitive data.

If you’re a county, local or regional government, data storage is important, and data management is essential to ensuring your organization has quick access to important files and documents. But, working in government can often mean strict budgets—don’t worry, we can help.


Helping You Protect Your Data from Malicious Attacks

There have been high-profile information breaches at all levels of government and cities and towns are storing an enormous amount of sensitive data that is often unprotected.

When a ransomware attack happens, it can cripple your entire organization. Sensitive data accessed by bad actors can force day-to-day operations to grind to a halt, rendering your entire IT infrastructures unusable and vulnerable.

Don’t worry, we can help. A 45Drives solution can ensure that your office is protected and our easy-to-use storage solutions are fully supported by our team of experts—so you don’t have to worry about anything but your daily tasks and projects.

Working Together to Simplify Your Storage Infrastructure

Local governments are experiencing more strain than ever in their IT departments. With budget restraints, lack of resources, multiple storage servers tackling different tasks, and unexpected events, it can be difficult to support mission-critical functions.

We’ve helped many organizations with the same issues. So, here’s our promise to you:

We can help consolidate all your current infrastructure into one unified storage solution.
We’ll help you create a centralized location for easier access to data.
We’ll walk you through the process, offering as much assistance as you require.
We’ll support your whole infrastructure—even if you decide to modify it to your requirements.

Cluster Storage Solutions

The Storage Solution to Improve Your Workflow

Ensuring your data can be accessed by those who require it; while safely storing & organizing all your files in one place. 45Drives can provide your organization with a storage solution that will help workflow, productivity and organization.

Our solutions will allow you to:

Create easy file sharing for multiple users.
Set up user permissions and folder privileges and restrict access to documents.
Allow remote access through Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and Nextcloud.
If required, utilize Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure.
Easily expand your data requirements in the future.

Cluster Storage Solutions

  Data Storage Consulting

45Drives can provide you with expert storage analysis, suggest infrastructure upgrades, and create designs to help you transition into a more unified storage solution.

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  Houston Command Center

The simplest way to manage and maintain your storage infrastructure. Houston provides a single viewpoint into your storage through an informative and lean user interface.

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Stay Within Your Budget

45Drives Trusted by Government Finally, an enterprise storage solution tailored to your needs and budget.

45Drives storage solutions operate with open-source software that is fully supported by our Data Storage Specialists and Engineers. No proprietary software means we don’t charge legacy vendor pricing or license fees.

And, unlike a cloud solution, our on-premise storage solutions give you ownership of your infrastructure, omitting future storage budgets and fees.