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Introduction to Linux Course

Whether you are just beginning to learn Linux, or you require a skills refresh—this course is the perfect starting point to kick-start your Linux journey. Our team of experts have created this course with these objectives in mind. So, what can you expect?

  Welcome to Linux 101: A Refresher Course in Linux Server Administration

Our 45Drives instructor-led training is designed to be taught remotely (via Zoom or a similar tool) or in person on the 45Drives campus.

This course will take place over two days (8 hours per day) and split into two modules: Theory and hands-on practical lessons.

For administrators keen on modernizing their IT environments, this course provides a roadmap for moving from closed, proprietary systems like Windows to agile, open-source solutions.

Training Topics:
This course has been designed from the ground up to give users the knowledge and power to administer their own Linux server. It was designed for users that have no working knowledge of Linux. However, it is also excellent for any administrators who may have let their knowledge lapse over the years and are looking for a refresher on Linux server administration.

This intro course starts with the most basic skills in Linux. You will progress gradually while building upon the skills you acquired in previous chapters. This way, you will be able to easily tackle larger concepts as you go, until you are on the level of a Linux expert.

Furthermore, this course acts as an excellent jumping-off-point to start with more advanced topics such as the 45Drives Ceph Clustered Storage Bootcamp, ZFS training and more.

Day One Curriculum:
On Day One of Linux 101, you’re going to be immersed in thorough, competent and beneficial Linux tools and terminology. Think of it like classroom-style theory.
Topics include:
  • the History of Linux and Windows
  • Linux Distributions
  • the Linux Folder Structure
  • SystemD
  • ZFS on Linux
  • Troubleshooting, and more
These modules will provide you with the foundational knowledge to advance to the hands-on portion of Day Two.

Day Two Curriculum:
Day Two will be completed in the lab. This is where the fun really starts to happen, and you can apply the skills you learned from the day previous.
We'll cover:
  • configuring Linux VM's
  • Getting to know the CLI
  • Understanding the Linux File System
  • Installing Houston UI & Houston Tour
  • File
  • Folder and User Permissions
  • Networking, among others

*If you want more detailed information about the Linux 101 Curriculum, please contact your Account Manager.

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*Individual course: $1500 per person

*The $1500 individual option indicates sign-up for our public training. These sessions will be offered when all seats have been filled. We will contact you when the next available public training session has been scheduled.

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