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Stornado F2: NVMe Data Storage Server

  • Tri-Mode U.3 - Hot swappable with NVMe, SATA & SAS
  • Ultra performance with lab-tested transfer speeds of up to 55GB/s and 8 million IOPs
  • 32 bays, up to 243TB of raw storage capacity using 7.6TB drives
  • Push-n-pop, toolless & caddieless

This is the fastest server 45Drives has ever released by a large margin, and will lead the industry in U.3 NVMe. It's the absolute pinnacle of tier one storage. So, if you have applications that the speed of the Stornado F2 can benefit, or you just want the fastest server you can get, then this is the server for you.

  AMD Intel
Motherboard H12SSL-I X12-DPi-N6
CPU EPYC 7713P (64 CPU cores @ 2.0GHz / 128 threads) 2x Xeon Gold 6338 (32 CPU cores @2.00GHz / 64 threads ) x2
RAM 256GB (up to 2TB memory option) 256GB (up to 4TB memory option)
HBA LSI 9600-16i Tri-Mode (NVMe, SATA, SAS) LSI 9600-16i Tri-Mode (NVMe, SATA, SAS)

The Stornado F2 is now available. To quote your new server, or for any inquiry related to the Stornado F2, reach out to us at info@45drives.com or 866-594-7199 ext. 830. You’ll hear back from us within one business hour. Our hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 5:00 EST. You can reach out to us at 866-594-7199 ext. 830.

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