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Open-Source Storage
and Virtualization

No vendor lock-in.

Stornado F2: NVMe Data Storage Server

Enterprise-Level Virtualization

Many legacy business models for virtualization are proprietary, inflexible, and riddled with hidden costs. On the other hand, open-source promises higher performance, flexibility, and cost control, but becomes a large undertaking without a single point of accountability.

At 45Drives, we believe that enterprise and professional IT deserve better. That's why we developed our mass-customized, modular system for creating enterprise storage and virtualization systems.

We do this using Proxmox, an open-source platform designed for enterprise-level virtualization. It offers tools for managing server virtualization and integrating storage, computing, and networking into a unified data center platform.

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We'll Seamlessly Help You Migrate from VMware to Proxmox

45Drives' support team has the expertise to help you migrate from your existing ESXi, Hyper-V, or other virtualization platform, over to Proxmox seamlessly and quickly.

Our team will also help guide you in the specification, building, and maintenance of all of your storage and compute needs whether it is Proxmox with ZFS, Ceph, or any other storage deployment you'd like.

This educational video covers how to fully migrate a virtual machine from one hypervisor to another. It also provides guidance on decommissioning your ESXi server and migrating all your data over to Proxmox.

45Drives Servers + Proxmox

The high performance of 45Drives servers combined with Proxmox offers organizations many benefits that include:

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  • High Core and High RAM servers to run virtual machines using Open-Source Proxmox

  • High capacity, direct-wire architecture storage servers running ZFS or Ceph that provide high performing storage for virtual machines.

  • End-to-end service and single point of accountability for both hardware and software.

  • Live Migration Service that moves you from VMWare to Proxmox with minimal downtime

  • Enhanced versatility that enables the seamless execution of both containerized and virtualized workloads.

  • Storage and virtual clustering management capabilities.

  • High availability features, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

  • Comprehensive storage and backup API for seamless data management.

  • Fully featured and freely available, making it a cost-effective solution for diverse enterprise needs

It was very refreshing to find a company that not only was aware of the great software available in the open-source world but actively promotes and supports it!

-John Stapleton, AGADA Biosciences
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