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Virtualize with 45Drives


Maximize what you can do with Hardware

If you're looking to virtualize your environment, we can help. For years, we have assisted customers with an open-source software offering called Proxmox that makes it easy. With no licensing fees or expensive contracts, it's the #1 choice for our customers requiring virtualization.

What is virtualization?

Well, virtualization isn't a new concept — it's been around for a while, so you may know what it is already. But here at 45Drives, we like to make storage easy and demystify the jargon. So, if you're unfamiliar with virtualization, here's an analogy.

You just bought a house (your server), and it's wide open — nothing is separating your kitchen from your bedroom. So instead of buying another house to put your kitchen in, it's more economical to put up walls to create separate rooms. That's virtualization.

Virtualization uses software to simulate hardware functionality and create a virtual computer system, enabling your organization to run multiple operating systems and applications – on a single server.

What is Proxmox?

Proxmox is a complete, open-source hypervisor management platform for enterprise virtualization.
It combines all your data center elements: storage, computing, networking, and easy management of your infrastructure on one single platform.

With the integrated web-based user interface, you can easily manage virtual machines and containers, high availability for clusters, or integrated disaster recovery tools.

We provide you with the virtualization front-end hardware with the back-end storage. So, using a 45Drives virtual environment, you get all of this and friendly support under one umbrella.

Why virtualize with 45Drives?

Virtualizing your environment is perfect for simplifying your storage management. It also has many other great benefits, including:

Delivers a cost-effective way to achieve budgetary restraints
Offers a simple way for companies to manage remote employees
Ideal for research & test environments
Provides rapid and easy migrating between physical hosts
Offers high availability
Optimal for less power consumption
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