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The pay-as-you-go power of the cloud pricing model is available for use in your own on-premise, private cloud. That way, you can enjoy the performance and security benefits of owning your own server and pay monthly, while avoiding the transfer costs of the cloud. Get the best of both cloud and on-premises with 45Drives STaaS Solution.

Why STaaS?

With the traditional method of acquiring storage infrastructure, companies may need to spend a lot of up-front capital expenditures (CapEx). For some organizations, this may be more than they can or wish to spend on a single infrastructure expense. We make it easy to transition your storage infrastructure payments to entirely operational costs (OpEx) through 45Drives’ Storage-as-a-service (STaaS) offering.

Who can benefit from STaaS?

Organizations looking to transition storage infrastructure spending from a burst of the expenditure to a predictable, pay-as-you-go model can leverage STaaS to satisfy accounting requirements —while still having access to enterprise-grade storage. STaaS gives you the cloud pricing model, without any of the traditional Cloud drawbacks. If you’re considering the cloud for data storage due to the cost, but don’t want the expensive download costs – the STaaS solution for you.

Private Cloud – Ideal for the modern enterprise

Cloud storage is an attractive proposition to many companies for the Clouds unique nature and simplicity. However, the Public Cloud is not financially viable for those with tens of terabytes of data due to the fees that Cloud vendors charge for both data access and storage.

STaaS gives you the pricing, simplicity, and flexibility of the Cloud. And we will never charge you extra for accessing your data. For enterprises looking for a pay-monthly storage model, a private cloud deployment is your best option.

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This solution is only available in North America, some exceptions may apply.

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