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Data Migration Service (DMS) & Storage Rental Services

Accelerate your timelines and improve data mobility through Data Migration Service (DMS).

Free space on your server and enable easy scaling out by removing the logistical problems associated with traditional data transfer.

Moving large amounts of data used to be costly, challenging and time consuming. Moving hundreds of Terabytes could take weeks or months even on the fastest internet connections.

Remove any challenge and reduce costs of data migration.

Data migration service (DMS) is a simple way to transfer your data to a single name space, a different geographical location (or the cloud), or temporarily store/hold your data.

How it works
  1. Specify your required capacity

  2. We ship you a Storinator with the necessary storage space, complete and preconfigured

  3. Move it to where you need, or hold it as long as you need


Discover how Data Migration Services
can work for you.

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