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We Updated Our Houston ZFS Module

Back in January, our team released a new module inside our Houston Command Center for setting up storage pools, shares, snapshots and more. This ZFS module has recently been updated and will be a part of our July 6th 2021 launch of new Houston features/modules for Cockpit users. In this week's tech tip, our lead engineer, Brett Kelly gives us a rundown of what's new inside our ZFS module and gives a sneak peek at what our final module update will be before our July 6th release. Remember, the theme behind all of these new features is to get everyone out of the command line and make setting up and managing your storage infrastructure, a breeze!

Hey everyone. Brett Kelly here for another Tuesday Tech Tip at 45Drives, but I guess as of late, they've been kind of 45Drives tech teases as we've been showing you the new work that we've been putting in on our Houston/Cockpit modules. A couple of weeks ago, you saw the Navigator, then you saw the cockpit benchmarks. And this week we're talking about, well, something you guys have seen before. But we've added some new quality of life and a couple of new features to it. The ZFS Cockpit manager, I said that out of order, the Cockpit ZFS manager.

All right, the Cockpit ZFS manager, so we've shown this before, a lot of people have seen this, a lot of people are using this out in the field right now. If you haven't, go check out the other video we've did where I go over what the Cockpit ZFS manager is and what it does. So, as I touched on that video on that, we have forked off of the original author “optimans” who made the cockpit ZFS manager. We forked off and we've been putting some quality of life and other features on to it. So anyway, enough with the words. Let's take a look at it. We'll jump over the screen. I'll show you some of the cool stuff we've put into it.

All right. So here we are at our Houston landing page. A lot of people have seen this before. We feel very at home and comfortable here. But, yeah, we're talking about ZFS today. So, the cockpit ZFS manager. On first glance, you'll notice nothing major has changed on the look of it. And we've done three kind of main things I want to talk about here that we've added to it.

So first of all, it's just general quality of life updates. I'm not going to go through each one, it just makes certain default choices. You'll see the full changelog when this is out on July 6th. The next thing we did, following in line with the “get them out of the command line” theme of all these updates, you might have noticed now we have this replication tab on the storage pool. What you can do here is, as we've talked before with sending ZFS dataset somewhere else and backing up an auto snapshot, that is now all in the UI. So, you can configure replication task and configure everything out. If you just need to do snapshots, you can leave it here. If you want to send it to someone, if you want to send it to multiple places. So again, don't have to set up in the command line anymore. We can do it in the UI.

And the other big change here, people coming from FreeNAS would feel this is very familiar, we added the ability to edit the permissions of a dataset right from the UI. You can hit edit permissions. A screen will pop up, you can select your own or group or whatever, and it even does quick searching for domain users if you want. And there you go. So that's it, not a whole lot change, but remember, get them out of the command line. There's another look at the Cockpit ZFS manager, not a whole lot has changed. We've just a couple of quality of life and get them out of the command line changes.

I hope you guys enjoyed that little tease/ peek at it. Remember, these will all be fully released on July 6th. Unlike the other two, where this one is existing already, we don't really want to push the update live until everything's been completely validated and changed. So marketing was going “show it to them. Show it to them.” So we don't have an updated package ready for downloading yet, but it's coming very soon, July 6th. And you know what? We will end on a little fun fact here. If you look at the screen, you'll notice that it's just says “ZFS” it doesn’t say “ZFS + File Sharing” anymore because the…. Well, I'm going to leave it at that because that kind of hints at what our next module is going to be. What we're we talking about the next two weeks so catch you guys then.

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