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Ceph on Windows

Brett is back and is super excited about the announcement of native Windows drivers for Ceph users. This is a huge announcement and a big win for the open-source community thanks to Suse Linux and Cloud Based Solutions. For users who are looking to consume their Ceph storage natively on Windows, you should check this out!

Hey, everyone, Brett Kelly here for another Tuesday tech tip at 45 Drives. This week, I'm really happy to announce (well, I guess it's someone else's announcement, but it's going to help me a bunch) big news out of the Ceph World. SUZE Linux and Cloudbase Solutions have released their first public beta of native Windows drivers for Ceph.

So what does this mean? It means we can now natively mount the RADOS block devices and the CephFS filesystem directly to windows without any extra helpers like SAMBA or ISCSI. This is a big deal.

So native RBD and CephFS on Windows, what does that really even mean? Well, like I mentioned in the intro there, we can skip these in between layers of maybe using ISCSI or SAMBA to connect our Ceph file system or our block devices right into windows. So this is great for performance scaling, for complexity decreasing.

It's just exciting because of how many problems that we had to work around that we've now got a whole new solution to. I'm excited to figure out all the different ways that we can utilize this technology.

Of course, I have to stress it is just the first beta right now. This is not production ready yet, but I have confirmed that it works. I've installed. I've attached. I've celebrated. I've ran some benchmark tests and it all looks really, really positive.

It's just another really big win for the open-source community. SUZE Linux and Cloudbase Solutions, two great companies coming together, putting their work together because it's going to solve their problem. And then it solves all of our problems too. Whether it's us helping people architect their storage solutions, or just general people out in the world who want to consume their Ceph storage natively on windows.

I couldn't be more excited. You will definitely be hearing more about this from me. And yeah, I just wanted to share the news because I was overjoyed. I hope you guys are too.

I guess I do want to make it clear, so Ceph is not running on windows, it's just being consumed by windows natively. So again, RADOS block devices, CephFS native on Windows. Can't wait to see what comes by. Thank you, SUZE. Thank you, Cloudbase Solutions.

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