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Issue 34:  We're Now Offering 24/7 Support✨

We're Now Offering 24/7 Support✨
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■ NEW TECH TIP ————————

Introducing 45Drives 24/7 Emergency Assistance

It's finally here! 45Drives is officially offering 24/7 emergency assistance!

There have been many talks that we launched our 24/7 support because Linus (Linus Tech Tips) lost his data again — but that's actually not the case. This project was in the works for a while, long before his most recent video

Either way, we're pretty excited to give our customers the option to include a 24/7 Emergency Service plan with their hardware.

Watch this week's Tech Tip video as Ashley breaks down this awesome new service and talks about instances that define a storage emergency and when this particular service would come in handy.

Watch here

■ FROM THE BLOG ————————

Worried About A Storage Emergency? 45Drives Is There 24/7

Data storage issues can happen. But, don’t worry, our 24/7 Emergency Service Support is designed to assist with mission-critical storage issues.

When all you need is to get your data storage infrastructure back up and running as quickly as possible — our team is here to help. Read our most recent blog to learn how to access this new offering and what it includes. 

Read blog here


Not Sure What You Need?

If you're not sure what type of data storage solution you need or how much data you require, don't worry — we have a solution for that too!

Just answer a few quick questions and get a quote for a custom storage solution - designed for your needs. It only takes a few minutes!

Find My Perfect Storage Solution

■ GET CREATIVE ————————

Design Your Own Custom Front Plate!

Your storage server doesn't have to be bland. With the help of our sales team and our custom manufacturing capabilities, we can make your server setup as creative as you can envision it.

Many of our clients opt to customize their front plates for branding purposes, exclusivity, a sleek polished look, or they just were creatively inspired. Whatever the reason — we can make it happen!

So, if you're looking to customize your server's front plate, reach out to your account manager. We love an awesome idea, custom logo, or a unique design!

Until then, check out the video for some creative inspiration. 

Watch here!


Custom Front Plate Giveaway!

Speaking of designing your own customer front plate — we're doing a GIVEAWAY! 

If you could have your own custom front plate, what would you put on it? Give that some thought as you head over to 45Drives Twitter to let us know! Get all the details in the video below! 

Watch here!

■ RESOURCES —————————————



Check out our easy-to-read digital guide!

This guide provides the perfect entry point to Ceph clustering for business and government organizations. It explores different means of data storage, including a breakdown of single NAS devices or the Cloud for storing your data compared to clustering solutions. It also includes a comparison of legacy clustering models vs. open-source clustering & more. 

Get yours below! 

Get your guide here


Check out our review page here to read what customers say about working with us!

Have a 45Drives storage solution?  Leave us a review for a chance to win a 45Drives swag bag! 
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