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Issue 55:  We make storage easy — see for yourself!

We make storage easy — see for yourself!
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In this issue: 

New Video Series!

Here at 45Drives, we love computer hardware, software, and all things open-source. We eat, sleep and breathe it — well, some of us.

Our marketing department recently welcomed a new team member on board, Carter Mac. Carter is the new kid on the 45Drives block. He enjoys editing videos on his Mac, long walks on the beach and complaining about running out of storage but not knowing what to do about it. So, we did what any sane company would do — we gave him his own video series. 

This video series not only helps Carter get familiar with open source data storage but it showcases how easy it is to use 45Drives tools and resources including Houston UI, our 45Drives dashboard. 

This newsletter is about Floppy Disks, the newest video series from 45Drives, where we help Carter Mac migrate from complete novice to data-storage expert, one byte at a time.


■ FLOPPY DISKS ————————————

Connecting a MAC to a Linux Server using Houston

This episode shows how easy it can be to use Houston UI to set up a Linux server — even if you have zero experience. 

Carter gets a walkthrough on connecting his Mac to a server using Houston UI with a little help from Spencer, a member of our Data Storage Specialist Team. Check out the video for a few laughs and see how easy it is to use Houston for yourself! 

Watch Video

■ SUMMER SALE! ———————————

We interrupt this "Floppy Disk" newsletter to share this amazing deal with you!

14TB of storage for the price of 10TB! 

Seagate 14TB Exos ENTERPRISE Drives are designed for the most demanding data environments, from entry-level servers to high-end enterprise storage systems. They also offer the highest reliability, durability, capacity, power efficiency and performance for many data center-specific applications.

Seagate Exos™ Hard Drives perfectly match Storinator's ultra-fast, reliable, high-performance features.

*And now, you can get them at their lowest price yet! 

Contact the 45Drives team to learn more. 

Contact 45Drives
*This deal is available with the purchase of any Storinator product. 

■ FLOPPY DISKS ————————————


Absolute Basics of Data Storage

We go right to the basics of data storage with this video. So if you need a refresher or know someone that could use a little data storage knowledge — send them this video.

This is the first episode of Floppy Disks and Carter is joined by Joe who explains the absolute basics of data storage to Carter to give him a foundation for future episodes. After that, he's about to dive headfirst into open-source data storage!

Watch Video


Who Wants to be a Storage Server?

It's pop quiz time! In this episode of Floppy Disks, Joe joins Carter for "Who Wants to be a Storage Server?" where he quizzes Carter on everything data storage.

Click the link below to play along and see if you can out know more about storage than Carter!

Watch Video



Have you seen our knowledge base? If not, you have to check this out! It's everything you want to know about data storage - from assembling RBS mdadm RAID to replacing drives & changing from FreeNAS to Houston (45Drives' user interface). 

Visit Knowledge Base

You should check out this video if you've ever wondered why we are so passionate about open source.

In this video, Chris from our marketing team talks about what it means to be open source and how we as a company have adopted the philosophy from the very beginning. He is also joined by our lead engineer Brett Kelly. 

Watch Here
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