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We Built A Visual File-Explorer For Cockpit - Here's Why!

As you may have heard us say, HoustonUI was built on the open source Cockpit Project, and it’s pretty freaking awesome. However,, it was missing one cool feature the open source community has been asking for — a visual file manager. So, we built it ourselves.

Houston’s new Navigator is a visual file manager that will work with any Cockpit deployment – that’s right, this will work on any server, not just our Storinators!

This intuitive file browser has everything you would expect, including:

  • New directories with a right-click
  • Open folders, navigate
  • Edit files or change permissions
  • Light/dark mode (because what's software in 2021 without dark mode, right?)

And, this is all without the need to go to the command line. Houston’s Navigator is built and complete on our end, but we want to hear from you and get your feedback before we release it. Remember, this is not tied to our hardware anyway, so you’re free to download and explore. So, download it, play around with it, and let us know what you think! We look forward to hearing from you.

4-5 Min Read

What's 45Drives' Deal?

Protocase, Backblaze, and direct-wired architecture - oh my! Have you ever wondered where 45Drives the company came from? Read this blog post to learn our story!

We Built a Visual Benchmarking Module for Cockpit!

Our lead engineer, Brett Kelly, gives us a sneak peek at a new module for Houston in this week's tech tip.

In the second video of our "get em' out of the command line" Houston series, we show off a visual benchmarking module that quickly and easily gives you performance stats for your storage system.

There are tons of benchmarking tools available. However, most of them are too complicated or force users to use the command line. Now, with our newly built visual benchmarking module, you can find out read/write performances much easier! Check it out below!

Can You Find All 5 Storinator Fans?

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Recover a ZFS Pool From Backup

This article walks you through the process of recovering a ZFS storage pool from a backup and re-enabling the replication task afterward.

Here's your scenario:

  • Initial setup of two servers, one “primary” and one “backup”
      primary ->
  • ZFS auto-replication setup between the two servers such that “backup” is a copy of “primary”
  • “primary” experiences massive failure where pool is unrecoverable
  • Users rebuild an empty pool on “primary” and want to restore from the latest snapshot stored on “backup”

DID YOU KNOW? You can easily manage all those pesky cables with a cable arm.  The Cable Management Arm allows for cleaner, better management of external cables. It's purpose-made for easy removal of your unit from the storage rack. Ask us about it! 

Architecture Flex:

Colossus Media Group(CMG)

We help some pretty neat industries with their storage issues, and our customers are AWESOME. For example, Colossus Media Group. They are a full-service digital marketing agency with services ranging from search engine optimization to content creation and plenty more.

Click here to find out how a 45Drives storage solution helped improve workflow for this digital marketing agency.

Colossus Media Group(CMG)

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