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Setting Up Offline Package Repositories
Setting Up Offline Package Repositories

What happens if you need to download installation files or updates for your operating system or other package files and don't have access to the internet OR you are air-gapped for security reasons?

Did you know you can create offline package repositories to allow syncing of files from the source to store them locally?

In this week's video, Brett is talking to us about setting up your offline package repository.

Check out the video below where Brett shows us how to do this with Rocky Linux. However, the process is much the same with any other RHEL based OS!

 how to add Houston or the modules on your server

This quick "how-to" article from our engineers shows you how to change your default IPMI user name & password.

The IPMI is an extremely powerful administrative tool that can give complete access to your server to someone over the network. However, its power gives it the possibility of being abused by way of a bad actor. For this reason, it is pertinent that you, at the very least, change the default username and password.

Read how below! 

Clustering Digital Guide
Clustering Digital Guide
4 to 5 Drives - It's Not Rocket Appliances
4 to 5 Drives - It's Not Rocket Appliances

Have you ever heard of the Trailer Park Boys?

On average, Digiboyz, the production company behind The Trailer Park Boys on Netflix, required 20TB of data per month and had anywhere between 2-8 users editing at one time. In addition, with Netflix being the exclusive streaming site for some clients, much of Digiboyz output had to be 4K, at four times the data volume. As if that wasn't stressful enough on a post-production company, Digiboyz also was experiencing a problem with files scattered across numerous storage devices.

They needed an affordable and reliable storage solution — enter 45Drives. Read their story below! 

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Our Best Decision Ever
Demystifying Benchmarking for your Workload on ZFS

Have you ever lay awake late at night, unable to sleep, retreading over the small mistakes you made years ago, physically cringing? Or do you think about the good stuff you did, consider one of the big wins you had, and go to sleep happy?

Looking back, going to direct wired architecture was one of the best decisions we ever made as a company

If you're unfamiliar with direct-wired architecture - it means there is a 1 to 1 connection for the drive to the system with the full throughput of each drive in the server. The drives connect through a card called the LSI 9305. The LSI 9305 is our standard option at 45Drives, although others are available.

Check out this blog to find out what prompted us to go direct-wired and why it turned out to be such a great decision.