Storinator™ Direct Wired Series


Redundant Version

The Storinator™ Direct-Wired Redundant pod captures the essence of the next evolution of the Backblaze 4.0 storage pod; incorporating a 2+1 Redundant power supply and redundant boot drives. Designed for mission critical, higher speed applications, this system can withstand the failure of a power supply module and a boot drive without missing a beat. Simply hot swap replacements to restore redundancy without downtime. The Storinator™ allows for direct control of the hard drives allowing for a solution that is faster and more reliable.

  • Starting at $6887.79 USD (for quantity one)
  • 2 + 1 Redundant (What's this?)
    power supply and redundant
    boot drives
  • Sliding Rails
  • Extended front plate for greater stability
  • Direct-Wired Controlled
  • Hard drives not included
  • 1 year warranty

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