Next Evolution of the Backblaze 4.0 Pod

• Up to 270TB in a 4U enclosure
• 10 times the speed of previous designs
• Enhanced reliability through a direct-wired design

Starting at $5403.45

Classic Backplane Design

• Inspired by Backblaze 3.0
• SATA II compatible
• Best value

Starting at $4996.00

Now Available at our Online Store

• Convenient cooler in a 4U rackmount
• Stainless steel insert and foam insulation
• Independent cooling system

Only $349 plus taxes and shipping

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45Drives: The Source for Large Storage Pods

45Drives offers the most customizable, affordable large storage solutions on the planet. With the current Storinator™ and TeraStor™ designs, we offer you a huge amount of storage at the lowest cost per petabyte, and we are constantly working with our user community to innovate and create better solutions.

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We're Not Just a Company, We're a Community

While conventional server manufacturers are interested in selling you their products, 45 Drives provides community products. It all began when Backblaze® gifted their innovative backplane-based server design by open-sourcing it, and a community developed around it. We are building on that tradition, and continuing to innovate in response to the community's needs. We are proud to provide a community page, providing recent articles, video content and contributions from the storage community. We also provide a support forum as well as a community-driven WIKI.

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Custom Computing Solutions

When Backblaze® envisioned a better way to solve their need for large storage, they needed help to make it a reality. Together we created the storage pod designs that have redefined the world that they operate in. If you see a better way to solve your own computing or storage problems, we can change the world together. And you'll be surprised at how quick and easy we can make it.

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