45 Drives can provide you with a cluster that delivers petabytes of raw data in an open storage platform. The cluster operates by using high availability software that harnesses redundant servers, which provides continued service if any system components fail. The cluster also offers easy scalability, meaning if at any time you require more storage or performance - just add another server.

The cluster is made up of:

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How to achieve petabytes of data with a cluster using GlusterFS

A cluster is a group of storage servers that work together as a single volume. Depending on how you configure your cluster, you can achieve different goals, such as large aggregate capacity or robustness via redundancy. To create a cluster, one adds a software layer on top of the OS that runs each server. A little bit of configuration, and you are up and running.

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Engineer Brett Kelly keeps a high-speed file transfer going while pulling drives, unplugging network cables and turning off power to multiple servers.

Hard Drives

Ultra-fast, reliable servers deserve ultra-fast, reliable drives.

Western Digital's (WD) Enterprise-class hard drives match the durability and stability of our Storinator storage server, especially for higher-availability applications. WD hard drives deliver advanced, reliable and ultra-fast technology performance. Regardless of your storage needs, you can depend on these drives to maintain maximum performance and data integrity.

  • High Capacity
  • Designed for high-intensity applications
  • Designed for durability and reliability
  • Purple drives 6TB-8TB
  • Gold drives 4TB - 10TB
  • 7200Rpm
  • 5yr warranty

Discover how clustering can work for you.

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