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Support Request Form

At 45 Drives, we consider it essential that your system works for you in your application. We created this support request form to get the background information necessary to help you, in order to make most efficient use of your time.

Support Details

Which chassis did you purchase?

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What is the configuration?

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What Operating System are you using?

Please provide the serial number located on the right side of the chassis or on top of the rear fan bracket:

Remote Diagnostic Tool Option

In order to assist you in the best possible way, we would like to get as much information about your system's hardware as possible, as well as access system logs. We have built a diagnostic tool that runs on Linux or BSD (including FreeNAS), that automates the gathering of this information. For fastest resolution of problems, we recommend you run this tool.

Step 1: Download Diagnostic Tool

Step 2: Run the Diagnostic Tool

Step 3: Attach Diagnostic file

File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
This is a simple text file that you can review before sending to address privacy concerns. If you do not wish to run this tool, we may request additional hardware information and system logs separately.

Allow one of our Technical Service Personnel to remote into your system if required.

To ensure a quick turnaround in our response, please give a description of the problem you are having.

Feel free to attach any pictures, logs or any relevant information you think may help us find the solution.

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