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Rocky Linux Fully Supported By 45Drives

We have some exciting news! Starting August 24th, 2021, we will be fully supporting Rocky Linux .

45Drives has been a sponsor of the project, but we were waiting on internal validation for a stable release before offering it to customers.

Here's a little back story:

In November 2020, just as 45Drives was gearing up to bring CentOS 8 to customers, it was announced that CentOS 8 would no longer be supported. CentOS would then be completely reconfigured into an upstream build — CentOS Stream. Unfortunately, this reconfiguration was far from ideal for the existing CentOS community, which for years relied on it as a stable downstream version of RHEL.

When that happened, several new downstream RHEL builds quickly launched development. One of which was Rocky Linux. After we met with their organization and realized what they were building, it was clear they would be around for a while. So, we quickly sponsored Rocky Linux and began preparing to bring it to our community once it was stable and production-ready.

We are happy to announce that we are production-ready! Therefore, starting August 24th, 2020, you will be able to order servers from 45Drives pre-loaded with Rocky Linux.

Rocky will be supported for both single servers and clusters, with full support from 45Drives Houston UI.

Rocky Linux, Ceph Deploy, New Repo Location & More

This week's Tech Tip is all about what's on the horizon.

We gave you one of the items on our list about — Rocky Linux, but that's not it!

We have a few other things on the way that we are excited to share with you. Check out this week's Tech Tip so our lead engineer, Brett, can tell you what they are cooking up in R&D.

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is a distribution created by Gregory Kurtzer—one of two original co-founders of Linux compatible CentOS; software that has since had its support discontinued by Red Hat.

The name Rocky Linux was given to honor its other co-founder, Rocky McGaugh who has since passed away. In Gregory’s own words:

“Thinking back to early CentOS days... My cofounder was Rocky McGaugh. He is no longer with us, so as a H/T to him, who never got to see the success that CentOS came to be, I introduce to you...Rocky Linux"

Quote source

Sam Kolder

Sam Kolder

How does Filmmaker/Social Media Star Sam Kolder store all his video footage? You guessed it— a Storinator! But not just that, he also uses Seagate drives!.

"With the constant advancement of video technology, and 4K and 6K video being a thing, raw footage can take up a lot of space. So we needed a storage solution that could handle that.”

Check out this customer spotlight below to read the whole story and find out what Sam had to say about his new storage solution:

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