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Rocky Linux, Ceph Deploy, New Repo Location & More

This week, Brett talks about new items that are going to be officially launched on August 24th. Along with our previous release of Houston modules, we will also be updating the main Cockpit interface to its newest version.

The developers of Cockpit are always updating their core platform, and we want to ensure that we stay up-to-date as well.
On August 24th, we will be officially supporting Rocky Linux (for single servers and clustering) on our storage servers. Rocky Linux will be available on our website for quote and order. Rocky Linux will also be available with Houston to make your storage infrastructure even easier to set up.
Previously, we teased a new Houston module that will greatly simplify building Ceph clusters. On August 24th, our new Ceph Deploy module will be released and available to users using Houston for their storage infrastructure.
Stay tuned next week for an in-depth video on Ceph Deploy. You can check out the Ceph Deploy teaser video here: Finally, we have a new location for our 45Drives Repo! This repository site is the home for all new updates and package installations and setup scripts. You can check out the new site here .

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