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Customer Case Study: How Snapshots Saved Data from Ransomware Attack

If you're unfamiliar with ransomware attacks - the "attacker" generally encrypts the victim’s data and tries to charge for the "key" to unencrypt.

Here's how our support team took care of this issue.

The problem:

After a ransomware attack, the customer came to support, wanting to pull some files out of the encrypted data pool - unaware that they had a great snapshot schedule set up already that gave them the ability to do much more than that. They also needed to keep the encrypted pool to complete their investigation.

Customer setup:

This customer had 200TB raw storage. Two pools and one with 30TB used. Their other pool had a good amount of usable space open and was unaffected by the encryption. The server was running ZFS, using Veeam to backup a Windows filesystem.


Our support team copied the encrypted data pool over into unused space so the investigation could continue unhindered. Because of ZFS snapshotting, they could roll back their main pool - so the data loss was very little.
This customer was unaware of the resiliency that their strong snapshot schedule provided. They came to us hoping to pull certain files out of the encrypted data, and we told them we could do them one better — restore the whole thing. But, since they required holding on to their encrypted data pool until they finished their investigation, we couldn’t roll back their server immediately.
Our support team showed them how to copy their entire pool into free space on their server (luckily, they had over 150TB open). Then, with the dirty pool successfully saved, they could roll back their production data to just before the attack occurred. Crisis adverted!

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AGADA Biosciences

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