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Indexing Files on a Mac: Made Simple with Open-Source
Indexing Files on a Mac: Made Simple with Open-Source

Spencer is back with another Tech Tip, and this week he is talking about how to index files when using Mac's spotlight search.

Macs' spotlight (finder) feature does not work when connected to a Samba share, which can be incredibly frustrating when dealing with a large database of media files that you need to index.

Traditionally, the only way around this would be to create that index locally. However, with Rocky Linux and a newer version of Samba, we now can deploy a feature called Elasticsearch Spotlight Indexing.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy this for your environment to streamline your video production workflow.

 how to add Houston or the modules on your server

This quick "how-to" article from our engineers shows you how to connect to our SMB shares on Windows and MacOS clients.

Clustering Digital Guide
Clustering Digital Guide
How the Destroyinator Helped Asset Disposal Work More Efficiently
How the Destroyinator Helped Asset Disposal Work More Efficiently

Asset Disposal is one of the UK’s leaders in IT disposal and data destruction services. Their job is to assist companies in disposing of their IT while complying with strict regulations that their customers face.

To increase the efficiency of their data destruction services, Asset Disposal turned to 45Drives to help implement a solution that would move them away from individual docking stations to one centralized device that could wipe massive amounts of drives all at once.

Read their story below to find out how the Destroyinator helped Asset Disposal gain an edge in their market and increase the efficiency of their business.

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How To Recycle Hard Drives With The Destroyinator
Demystifying Benchmarking for your Workload on ZFS

How do you do this safely and effectively? With a Destroyinator.

In this blog, we discuss the benefits of the Destroyinator unit and the power behind them to effectively and permanently destroy the data contained on hard drives.

Check it out below!