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Ceph Deploy & Rocky Linux Are Live!

As you know, we've been talking about full support for Rocky Linux on single servers and clusters for a while now — but the wait is over! As of yesterday, storage users can quote Rocky Linux as their OS of choice from our website.

Our team here at 45Drives is incredibly happy to bring back a modern RHEL product as a software offering for single server and/or clustering users.

But that's not it — Ceph Deploy is also live. Last week, we shared our full tutorial video on how to use our new Ceph Deploy module inside Houston. This module was built to simplify the deployment of Ceph storage clusters by using a step-by-step graphical interface.

If you haven't checked out last week's tutorial from our R&D Engineer Mark Hooper, we highly suggest that you do — it's pretty awesome and, of course, informational. 

Don't forget, our 45Drives Repo has all the installation packages. In addition, this repository site is the home for all new updates, package installations, and setup scripts. 

Rocky Linux and Ceph Deploy are Live

Our Lead Engineer and R&D Manager Brett Kelly is back in front of the camera to tell us all about the release of Rocky Linux and Ceph Deploy.

And, for those looking to get their hands on any of this software, watch the video to find out how and where to download.

Have you seen the new 45Drives Repo?

Now that Ceph Deploy is live, you might be wondering what its benefits are. Well,  this awesome module makes it super simple to set up your cluster from within a graphical user interface. But, how does this make our customer's lives easier?  Find out in this blog.

Have you seen the new 45Drives Repo?

Looking to enable 45drives package repositories in Rocky Linux and Ubuntu environments? Check out this article as it shows you easy step-by-step the actions to take. 

While you're in the knowledge base, have a look around, we have hundreds of quick and easy how-to's to help you manage your storage infrastructure!

Have you seen the new 45Drives Repo?

We have a new location for our 45Drives Repo! This repository site is the home for all new updates, package installations, and setup scripts.

We'd also like to note that each package is signed by our engineers with a GPG Key - so you know you can trust our packages.

Check it out below and see how easy it is to set up using one command line!



ALERTWildfire is a consortium of three universities -- The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), University of California San Diego (UCSD), and the University of Oregon (UO) -- providing access to state-of-the-art Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) fire cameras and associated tools to help firefighters and first responders: discover/locate/confirm fire ignition, quickly scale fire resources up or down appropriately, monitor fire behavior through containment, during firestorms, help evacuations through enhanced situational awareness, and ensure contained fires are monitored appropriately through their demise.

This is the server room where ALERTWildfire archives data from all the cameras in their network (roughly 69,000,000 images per day).

Read all about their amazing work — click the button below! 

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