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Rocky Linux and Ceph Deploy are Live

Today is release day! We have been talking about full support for Rocky Linux on single servers and clusters for a while now, and the wait is over. As of today, storage users can now quote Rocky Linux as their OS of choice from our website. We are happy to be bringing back a modern RHEL product as a software offering for single server and/or clustering users.

Last week, we shared our full tutorial video on how to use our new Ceph Deploy module inside Houston. This module was built to greatly simplify the deployment of Ceph storage clusters by using a step-by-step graphical interface.

If you haven't checked out last week's tutorial from our R&D Engineer Mark Hooper, we highly suggest that you do, it's pretty awesome. Click here to watch .
Our 45Drives Repo has all the installation packages. This repository site is the home for all new updates, package installations and setup scripts. You can check out the new site at here.

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