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Can We Achieve 10k IOPs using Ceph and SATA SSDs?

This week, Mitch and Brett are back on screen and have been challenged by the community to see if 45Drives could achieve 10k IOPs read/write while using Ceph.

This challenge started from a discussion on the /r/Ceph subreddit, where a user asked about achieving 10K IOPS in Ceph using NVMe technology.

Our friend over at CLYSO, Mark Nelson got involved, did his own testing, and just published a fantastic blog that you can check out here: https://ceph.io/en/news/blog/2023/reddit-is-10k-IOPs-achieable-with-NVMes/

Mark and the rest of his team challenged 45Drives with the same question but instead of replicating Mark's testing, we decided to try and achieve 10k IOPs with slower media, using SATA SSDs

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