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Tech Tip: Backing your Storinator up to the Cloud


We’re back this week with another tech tip! Did you know you can back your Storinator up to the cloud? Chris tells us all we need to know in this weeks 45Drives tech tip.

Having a duplication of your data backed up to a cloud service provider enables you to work and collaborate from anywhere in the world. We have lots of documentation and videos readily available to help you do this and because of the 45Drives engineering team – the Storinator comes cloud-ready with several cloud backup providers validated using both RClone and Duplicity. 

We have a video that shows you how to set up your Storinator with a software called Nextcloud, which functions which similar to dropbox, is open source and it has a mobile application along with many other features. You can find the video here.

We also have detailed documents available that shows you how to set up cloud access if you are using FreeNAS, or the Linux OSs CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu. This process should work with any compatible cloud service provider. Just follow along step-by-step, whether you’re going to set it up using RClone or Duplicity. If you are confused, our support staff is available to assist you and will be sure to set you up with cloud access for your Storinator in no time.

If you’re wondering which is better, Rclone or Dubilcity – Rclone is best for large and small scale syncing, backing up single files. Duplicity is better at backing all your files at once.

Be sure to check out the knowledge base, or the video on setting up Nextcloud on your Storinator for more information.

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